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   Time Management Tips                             #2                                         February 2009

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Happy February!!!  Hope it is for you; as we are half way through and on our way to March.
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Time Management
PRIORITIES:  The best way to accomplish tasks is to deal with the hardest or most difficult ... first.  We may need to break the task in to workable 'parts'.  Seek others that can be of assistance to you.  You waste your own time and resources when you do the other 'small' or easier task first, thinking you fill free yourself up to work on the more difficult project.  But, then other events steal your time; or, you are tired from all the little items you did accomplish; and the BIG ONE is still waiting and has probably become urgent ... now.
Can you recognize URGENT from IMPORTANTUrgent-  requires immediate attention.  Important - things that contribute significantly to our goals.  But, there is a delicate balance that must be maintained between urgent and important.
Learn to say "No".  "No" is a complete sentence.  People do not know what you have to do unless you tell them.  You can say "Sorry, I am over committed right now".  Suggest someone else who is capable to assist them.
Be careful which squeaky wheel get the oil - just because someone makes loud demands, does not mean you switch your priorities!


 The pace and demands of our current day are fast, fast, and instant!  It takes a lot of a energy to navigate through our day. Allowing for less time, if any, to replenish our equilibrium.  Results are stress and burn-out.  Even airlines are going to allow e-mail access on flights!
You need to be operating from your strengths. There is a coaching tool [approximately 16-page report] that is very useful.  The basic report covers a 'snapshot' of your strengths.  Factors that motivate you to action.  Elements that have a negative effect on you.  A section that describes your favorable environment.  Additional reports can be generated, if your particular situation warrants, after coaching:  Positive People and Environment, Managing People and Sales.
{from January Newsletter}
An assessment can help you to define your strengths.
Persons who like immediate results and direct answers - their strength includes keeping persons/teams focused, on task.  They will make decisions when no one else will.
Persons who like to be with others people - their strength includes giving positive feedback and inspiring others.
Persons who like sincere appreciation of their efforts - their strength is being empathetic and sensitive to others needs and is good team player.
Persons who like attending to details and are logical in task completion - their strength is in being diplomatic and following, or making, steps/standard to complete tasks.
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