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Happy New Year!!!
On this 15th day of the New Year - how are your resolutions coming along?  Did you partner with someone to help keep you accountable? Have you given up already?  Did you make any New Year's Resolutions - if not, why not?  They are only guides to your journey of this - 2009 year.  They can be changed, adjusted, and met!!!
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 A Friend of mine asked that I say something about CUSTOMER SERVICE.  So, I will. 
She had a pet peeve and basically said, "When I enter a professional office or store and the employees are hanging around, there is not customer service, no recognition that they have a job because of the clients.  I have left more than one office/shop that I do business with, because I really can't tolerate the glibness and lack of sensitivity.  Some speak to people any kind of way, and others attempt to talk proper but with bad grammar."  These persons are a reflection of YOU!
Most likely, I am preaching to the choir.  But, you are mostly the Managers, Supervisors, Employers of these persons.  Customer Service is the glue to you continuing in business.  Do you know what your business's reputation is with your Clients and Customer?  We have all heard how a disgruntled person shares that with 20 other people. While good service, may only be shared with a few.
Take the pulse of your business.  YOU randomly call some of your Client/Customers and ask the hard question - "How did my Staff treat you on your last visit?"  Do mandatory Customer Service Training Sessions quarterly. Stress to your Staff to treat YOUR Clients/Customers - actually their 'real' Boss - like they would want to be treated if they entered your facility!! 
Times are tough and every little edge counts - treating your Clients/Customer like royalty should be a 'no brainer'!!

Are You Working from Your STRENGTHS?

We, mostly, spend our lives trying to "fix" what is wrong with us.  To improve our weak areas. But, for those who say they are 'happy', you will find that they are working from their strengths.
If you have a job just because you need to pay the mortgage, pay for school, you have children and need the insurance, you need the medical coverage  or you never thought about it - you most likely are not working from your strengths. 
What would you do, that you are good at and would - [all things being equal] - do for free?
Are you good with numbers?  Are you in the Accounting field? Are you truly caring of people? Are you involved in the nursing field?  Can you fix anything?  Are you a mechanic?  Are you skilled at multi-taking?  Are you an Event Planner?  Are you working in a field that allows you to expand on those qualities?  Or, are you treating those skills as a hobby ... something you 'play at' on the weekend?
An assessment can help you to define your strengths.
Persons who like immediate results and direct answers - their strength includes keeping persons/teams focused, on task.  They will make decisions when no one else will.
Persons who like to be with others people - their strength includes giving positive feedback and inspiring others.
Persons who like sincere appreciation of their efforts - their strength is being empathetic and sensitive to others needs and is good team player.
Persons who like attending to details and are logical in task completion - their strength is in being diplomatic and following, or making, steps/standard to complete tasks.
We have far more thing to 'fix' (our weaknesses), than to work from our 1 or 2 strengths ... and be happy in doing it. How are You working?
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