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Time Management Tips                             #4                                         December 2008

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Welcome to the 4th Edition!!
This edition welcomes several new recipients.  I trust you will find this monthly newsletter useful and informative.
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Please email me with any suggestions for specific topics.  Questions can cover home, work, both time and organization concerns.
If anyone is interested in previous editions [there are 3 at this writing], please let me know.
Be a Master of YOUR Time [Time management is self-management]
June '08, I shared concerning Attitude; July '08, we tackled Goals; andAugust  '08 - Priorities. 
Sorry for the unexpected hiatus -  but life has a way of interrupting.  I am interested in a format that will be beneficial to you.  So, I am soliciting your input.  For those who have received June, July and August editions - please let me know what you think of the material and the presentation.  Was it helpful to you?  What would you like to see? What would you like to know?

Time Management is so critical for all we do, have to do and want to do.  How do we manage work, home, other pursuits - school, our children's activities, Church activities, starting a new business.  And, YES  ~ 'self-time'!  You must take time for you; preferably weekly.  Do something that you enjoy:  sculpting, read a book, visit a museum, go carts, go for an out-of-the-city drive, lunch with a friend, bowling, knitting, go to the "Big City" and experience the energy, miniature golf, go to a concert ... something to add a little spice to your day or week.  Don't keep putting off will never get to it!  Do it NOW!

We all have something we want to do differently in the coming New Year - 2009.  Do you need a little help through Coaching.  I am available.  Sometimes just knowing you are really accountable to another helps you get on track and stay on track.
The Time Mastery assessment measures the following categories:  Attitudes, Goals, Priorities, Analyzing, Planning, Scheduling, Interruptions, Meetings, Written Communications, Delegation, Procrastination and Team Time.  You will rank the 12 categories according to their importance in your daily life.
Do you know your strengths? Do you know your weaknesses?  Where do you need to improve for your job or better quality of life?
Identify the habit you want to change and define the steps to accomplish that change.  Learn to stay on course until the change you want is in place {second nature to you}.
What are you waiting for??? 


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