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Time Management Tips                             #3                                               August 2008

Gloria-Jean Brown
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Welcome to the 3rd Edition!!
This edition welcomes several new recipients.  I trust you will find this monthly newsletter useful and informative.
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Special Sharing from "What I am Reading":
It is the little things that can propel us forward or backwards in achieving our potential.  So, I want to share a thought or two from a book I am reading, "Commanding Your Morning" by Cindy Trimm (2007). 
"Everything in the universe begins with and revolves around two things:  words and thoughts.  Our thoughts, intentions, motivations and aspirations ... mold and shape our personal universe into something beautiful or hideous."  
What are you saying?  What are you thinking? How do you handle your 'time' challenges.
Be a Master of YOUR Time [Time management is self-management]
June '08, I shared concerning Attitude; July '08, we tackled Goals.
August  2008 - Priorities will be our focus.
Priorities revolve around "Important" and "Urgent".
Important - things that help significantly to reach our objectives.  Urgent - requires our immediate attention.  To reach your results, you need to spend your time on the 'important' tasks.  And because  URGENT is compelling, we live with the tension of balancing between the two.
We need to understanding we will most often have the time we need for our important tasks, if we do not fill our days with the unimportant - the comfortable tasks, the unnecessary, the trivial.
Do the hard tasks first - freeing your brain power.  Do the thing you formerly procrastinated in completing.
 You will feel liberated. 
You will never have time for everything; but you will have time for the important tasks you want and need to complete. 
Have a daily 'must accomplish' list. Revise it daily as you progress in their completion  Building in time, if an "urgent' event pops into your day.  In other words, start early, and allow for possible diversions - if none occur, you are finished early and stress-free.  If they do, you are not thrown off course, because you provided for emergencies.  WIN-WIN.
Getting Organized
Sharing from Julie Morgenstern's "Organizing from the Inside Out {First Edition, 1998} - Organizing requires: 
1)  Analyze:  Taking Stock 
                     [June 2008 edition]
2)  Strategize:  Create A Plan of Action
                     [July 2008 edition]               
3)  Attack:  Getting The Job Done
  • Sort - use frequently; infrequently; out grown?
  • Purge - is it time to get rid of, give to someone else, sell?
  • Assign a home - it is staying!   Where is it most logical location?
  • Containerize - personalize your storage systems!
  • Equalize - periodically evaluate how your system is working and adjust, if necessary!
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