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Time Management Tips                             #2                                                  July 2008

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Welcome to the 2nd Edition!!
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Be a Master of YOUR Time [Time management is self-management]
June 2008, I shared concerning Attitude, this month we will tackle GOALS.
What GOALS are you setting for yourself, your organization??
Make certain that your GOALS are aiming at what you REALLY want?
Are your goals SMART:
  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Realistic
  5. Timed

Do you use project management software to aid you in keeping major undertakings organized and on track?  

Develop your timeline for GOALS backwards - start with what you want to accomplish and set your GOALS (short term) to accomplish.  Example:  You have a report due in one week.  Review the report guidelines for the information you need to provide on Monday and solicit your department co-worker's input with a deadline of Tuesday - close of business.  Wednesday - read and highlight the necessary facts from received requests.  Contact any late submissions.
Thursday - draft your report. On Friday, re-read your report, proof and finalize.  Have a good weekend.
Be sure to have at least one significant goal each day that you want to achieve.  Don't 'quit'.  You will develop the habit of setting goals and reaching them.

Consider projects carefully. Identify the critical steps - when they should be done and who should do them.
Set deadlines. Modify when conditions warrant.  When you have reached accomplishment, set new GOALS.
Write your goals!!  Keep a journal.  Note your accomplishments on the road to successful completion!!
Getting Organized
Sharing from Julie Morgenstern's "Organizing from the Inside Out {First Edition, 1998} - Organizing requires: 
1)  Analyze:  Taking Stock 
                     [June 2008 edition]
2)  Strategize:  Create A Plan of Action
              Having perform your analysis - you have a handle on your organization challenge and what is 
              causing it.
              a.   Plan Your Zones:  Activities, Supplies, Storage Units
              b.   Rearrange Furniture
              c.   Estimate the time necessary
3)  Attack:  Getting The Job Done
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