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A timer is one of the best ways to beat procrastination.  This one shows how much time is left, in a unique way.  It's very helpful for kids and those of  us who are very visual.  



Clutter Support Group


When: March 12

Time:  6:30 - 8:00 pm
Where:  Downtown Allen County Public Library

Email: nikki@OLSinfo.com
Fee: $5 for room rental  

Future Dates:  We meet the 2nd Monday, every other month.  


One attendee says, "I have learned so many amazing things...and made some small steps and at times giant leaps (of progress)". 

Upcoming Classes

Organizing to Move or Downsize: Preparing for Transistions in Life


Tuesdays, February 7-21

6:00-8:00 pm


Upstate Alliance of Realtors on Dupont Road


Fee: $69 or attend with a friend for $55


Call to Register:481-6619


Emily in her office 

Emily Fitzgerald is a Certified Professional Organizer and founded Organized Living Solutions in 2003.  She helps her clients manage their information and stuff by creating personalized systems for the way they work.

       Nikki headshot


Nikki Fingerle works for OLS as a Professional Organizer specializing in  Residential projects.  She enjoys working with clients to improve the look, feel and function of thier various living spaces.


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Organized Living Solutions Newsletter
January is National Get Organized Month!



Another New Year-so refreshing!  


I'm not big into resolutions, but I do love to set some goals for the year and take stock of what I'd like to change over the course of the year.  As I mentioned in my class last week, a dedicated effort applied over the course of weeks and months really can add up to some very substantial changes.  So what do you want to be different this time next year?


If your surroundings are in need of some organizing attention and you need some help getting going, check out Nikki's article on Overcoming Procrastination.  And if that doesn't work well enough, give us a call.  We'll be happy to help you out!  


My First Year


It's hard to believe that it's only been a year since meeting Emily and starting my work with OLS. We hit it off right away and spent many hours together in training, both in her office and on-location with her clients. I remember feeling somewhat equipped yet nervous walking into my very first client's home alone. Thankfully it got easier with each entrance, and now I look forward to those new beginnings. I never know what project we'll accomplish or who I'll have the pleasure of getting to know. Even more rewarding, are the people I've bonded with throughout the year because they've invited me back time and time again to accomplish various goals around their home. I am so grateful to find a job I love, that I am able to manage while also being a mom to my four young children. I really do believe Emily is the best in the business (and I'm not just sucking up to my boss!) and I hope we'll have the opportunity to serve our community together thru OLS for many years to come!



Overcoming Procrastination 


When we don't want to do something that's unpleasant or difficult, we find less important tasks to do that will keep us "busy" so we have an excuse for why we didn't get around to it. But putting something off does not make it go away, and postponing it often just makes it worse!


10 Tips to Beat Procrastination



Recharge Daily. Procrastination can often be caused (or exacerbated by) a feeling of being drained and listless. Be sure to get enough sleep and rest each day so that you have the necessary ENERGY you need to accomplish your tasks. 


Get a Friend Involved. It's harder to procrastinate when another person is involved. If you have a task you aren't looking forward to, invite a friend over to help you out. If you have errands to run, find a buddy who you can run errands with. Just having an ACCOUNTABILITY partner can make all the difference in the world. 


Reward Yourself. You're much more likely to complete that boring task if there is a dinner out or a new gift waiting for you when (and only when) the task is complete. We often forget that we respond better to a POSITIVE enticement to get things done. Instead of using a whip, why not try a carrot? 


Do Things in Pieces. Procrastination often comes from feelings of OVERWHELM. Break tasks, even small ones, into STEPS so that they are manageable and provide you with a sense of direction. 


Use Music. Turn on some fun and UPBEAT music and let it pump you up! 80s music and show-tunes are often great pick-me-ups that will give you needed energy to tackle your tasks. 


Don't be Afraid to do Two Things at Once. Don't be afraid to balance routine or MONOTONOUS tasks with something that is more likely to hold your interest. You can pay bills while you watch television, or talk on the phone while cleaning up the house. 


Delegate. Do you find yourself procrastinating on chores at home like cleaning and laundry? Or maybe paperwork at the office? Delegate them! Kids, cleaning people, laundry services, administrative assistants and more are all available to take some of those BORING tasks off your list and free up your time for the stuff you'd RATHER be doing.


Prioritize. Perhaps you're procrastinating on a task because it's really NOT that important. Maybe you'd love to re-organize your book shelves, but never get around to it. If it sounds like a good idea but in the end it's really not that important to you, don't let it hang over your head. Just let it go and recognize that you wouldn't have gotten that much value out of completing the job in the first place.


Get in Touch with the End Results. Before you begin a task or project that has high procrastination potential, get in touch with the OUTCOME. When the task if finished, what will that mean to you? What will be better in life as a result?


Just Do It. Don't THINK about it too much, just jump in and get it done! It may take time to break the procrastination habit, so be sure to cut yourself some slack. Remember that even a small amount of PROGRESS may allow you to achieve more than you ever have before!


"You will never find time for anything.

You must make it." -Charles Buxton


Information gathered by Nikki Fingerle using

resource articles on www.onlineorganizing.com



"Lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action."  
-Tony Robbins
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