September 2012
Volume 7

No. 9


Facebook Continues Drive for New Users


New Fund Raising Technique Shows Great Success   


Apogee Insights Adds Two Experienced Consultants


Operation Never Forgotten

Kevin Hardin Fallen Hero



















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About Eiler

Eiler Communications is a public relations and marketing  firm in Ann Arbor, MI.  We specialize in new and traditional media marketing, serving established and emerging companies in the communications
technology, financial services, biotechnology and healthcare industries.

Facebook Continues Drive for New Users


While it seems like everyone we know, or even don't know, is on Facebook the team is still looking to gain momentum to increase users. Facebook is very close to reaching the 1 billion-user mark. According to Business Insider, the most current documented number of Facebook users is 955 million.


An integral part of the Facebook growth team according to Bloomberg Businessweek is Naomi Gleit, a graduate of Stanford. Gleit's job is to "remove barriers that are preventing people from joining Facebook." Since Gleit has joined the team, they have created attention-grabbing features to increase the number of users. These features include showing Facebook profiles in a Google search, adding a "people you may know" tab for users to easily add friends to their profile, and a translation tool to let users navigate the site in their native language.


While the team has taken a lot of action to increase Facebook users it just might not be enough. There has been a recent decline of people who are joining Facebook, which may be attributed to the recent addition of "Timeline". A Timeline is a new feature on Facebook where a collection of your stories, photos, and experiences are showed in sequential order. Because there is no option to not have a Timeline users are frustrated and ultimately either deactivating their account or not creating one at all.


For now, we will have to wait and see what Facebook will do next to retain and gain Facebook users. Maybe a new feature? Maybe they will revert to the option of Timeline? Only time will tell which trick in the bag will be pulled out next.


Alaina Bresnahan




New Fund Raising Technique Shows Great Success


Heard of Kickstarter, Fundly, Appbackr, Crowdtilt, Petridish?


They are highly successful new forms of companies to raise funds, reports Bloomberg Businessweek.


Founded in 2008, Kickstarter has raised $221 million


Fundly - Eases gathering of cash by allowing not-for-profits to focus on building new supporters through writing thank you notes or promoting causes.


Appbackr - Product developers raise funds "backrs" buy licenses for an app at a wholesale price. Developers get some bash - and buy time to develop the app.


Crowdtilt - Helps friends kick in money for group causes. This narrows the focus to remove the stress from coordinating collective purchases such as tailgates, party buses, group vacations.


Petridish - Researchers can raise funds for their science projects by reviewing a project before donating. Formerly, there was no easy way for individuals to support scientists' research.



Apogee Insights Adds Two Experienced Consultants


Christine Gordon and Lisa Hickman have joined the Apogee Insights Group, a leading advisor on business analysis and strategy.


Gordon has expertise in media licensing, copyright and contract negotiation.  She was senior vice president copyright & licensing for Gale Cengage where she worked for 20 years focusing on international copyright and licensing. She also held Copyright & Licensing, and Rights & Permissions positions at Bell & Howell, ProQuest, IAC, Ziff Communications  and Thomson International. She is a partner in Apogee.


Christine founded Strategic Licensing LLC  in 2011 offering consulting services to publishers including contract review and strategic recommendations.


For the last two years Christine has been a reading tutor for the Reading Corps Group , sponsored by Detroit Public Schools  and is a contributor to Elle's Place  in Ann Arbor.


Lisa Long-Hickman has more than 20 years of educational material sales and marketing experience in the publishing field.  Her expertise is in competitive analysis and market positioning.


Most recently Lisa has been lecturing and writing on e-books and the evolution of the technology needed to make e-books available to the masses. She is an associate at Apogee. 


About Apogee Insights


Apogee was founded in 2011 by four experienced corporate executives: Dan Arbour, who was CEO of North American Publishing Co. and Xanadu; Dennis Stepaniak, a CFO of Gale Publishing and other financial management of other publishing firms; Gary Wesley, a product development specialist for many years at SONY and earlier ProQuest; and Larry T. Eiler, founder of Eiler Communications and whose background includes marketing and PR work at numerous high-tech firms.


Apogees' Strategic Trajectory Management® (STM) process offers a customized, focused approach that ensures clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and deliver market-leading services that secure lasting results.




Operation Never Forgotten,
Kevin Hardin Fallen Hero

Eiler Communications Has Provided Pro Bono Public Relations for This Organization


Our good friends at client Operation Never Forgotten, Linda Kelly and John Kinzinger, ( just posted a true heartwarming success from Terry and Charles Hardin whose son Kevin was killed in earlier August. ONF worked with Clear Channel to post Kevin's photo on the board.


Wrote Terry Hardin to John and Linda:


As I drove to work this morning (I usually take the train) and was getting off the ramp onto I-95, I when something over my left shoulder and I immediately saw my son Kevin's photo on the Clear Channel sign!!!  


What a beautiful display of love and respect.... words can never thank you enough for making this happen Linda & John -- and turning this dream into a reality!!!


My husband Charles is ill and I am hoping that he is strong enough for my boys to put him in the car and drive there for him to personally see the sign!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

From the bottom of our hearts...

In deepest appreciation,


Terry & Charles

 Parents of Kevin Hardin


Operation Never Forgotten (ONF) is an all-volunteer national non-profit communications service that connects our military and civilian worlds through non-partisan public service announcements (PSAs). ONF's PSAs for our deployed troops, wounded warriors, fallen heroes and military families include signs in airports, food stores and malls. TV and radio broadcast, and outdoor advertising as seen in our BILLBOARD GALLERY.





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