February 2012

Volume 7
No. 2


Apogee Insights Group Launches New Intellectual Property Business


 Replay Photo's Revolutionary FanCam


Pitfalls for Business









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About Eiler

Eiler Communications is a public relations and marketing communications firm in Ann Arbor, MI.  We specialize in new and traditional media marketing, serving established and emerging companies in the communications
technology, financial services, biotechnology and healthcare industries.


Apogee2Apogee Insights Group Launches New Intellectual Property Business  


Apogee Insights Group is a flagship advisor on business analysis and strategy with extensive background in Information Technologies, negotiating content acquisitions and cost optimization.  The company was developed to identify critical challenges and optimize and address high-value opportunities that exist within companies' intellectual property assets, but are not always used to the best advantage.


The businessmen who created Apogee Insights Group are: Dan Arbour, longtime sales and management executive at publishing firms including ProQuest, University Microfilms International, Xanadu and North American Publishing Company; Dennis Stepaniak, CFO and COO of various publishing companies including Cengage; Gary Wesley, a business development and technology executive who previously worked at Sony; Scott Smith, former executive at Thomson Gale; and Larry T. Eiler, co-founder of Eiler and an expert in marketing for technology, publishing and healthcare companies.


Arbour said he initiated formation of the firm "to meet the critical need Michigan has to bolster the importance and awareness of intellectual property through Apogee's dedication to the benefits that accrue through its effective use."


Ashley Ferremi 





FancamReplay Photo's Revolutionary FanCam


While some people may feel like just another face in the crowd at a sporting event that houses over 50,000 people, FanCam has made that feeling obsolete.  They use extremely high-resolution photos with an astounding 10-billion pixels and photograph the stadium from the perspective of the center of the field or court.


Fans can then go online and find the FanCam image within 24 hours of the event and zoom in on the photo until they can see the expressions on the audience members' faces. Better yet FanCam offers 360-degree views so that no one fan is left out of the photo. In order to make it pain-free and easy to locate people in the images, there is a tagging option to place a name to the face and share the photo on Facebook, Twitter, or email.


FanCam was created by Replay Photo, a Durham, NC company that has been selling photo memorabilia of sporting events since 2003, which wanted to create a virtual experience for fans.


Want to learn more? Go to the FanCam website at: There you can find all of the photos they have taken as well as purchase framed or unframed prints of the photos or even a mug containing the image of your choice.



Ashley Ferremi 


Pitfalls for Business


The message here is for whomever is in charge of administration for your businesses.  I have personally encountered some of the instances recounted below.


You pick up the phone and someone asks for the serial number on your copier or laser printer.  Unsuspectingly, you give it and next thing you know you have a years worth of toner that you will be charged for.  If you did not give them a PO number you are not liable.  This is a constant scam and everyone of our interns has experienced it.


Time after time, mail is delivered that states your subscription needs to be renewed for several hundreds of dollars.  Faxes are sent in demanding payment.


Subscription notices to magazines are sent months in advance of when the subscription is  due to run out..  Check with company.  Many times billed 10 months in advance of expiration.


Persons will call and ask your name and then ask about subscriptions to very expensive publications and then send a bill.


Everyone needs to be vigilant about what are legitimate costs.


Sandy Eiler 


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