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September 2011
Volume 6
No. 9


Google+ Named Fastest Growing Social Network

  Fritz Seyferth Plans on New Book 

Mobile Data Revenue Expects to Jump 23% in Year 

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article1Google+ Named Fastest Growing Social Network


This is not the first time Google has launched a social network site; they had Orkut and Google Buzz, both of which never gained a strong popularity in the United States. However, Larry Page decided to devote much more time and energy into their latest social networking site website, Google Plus. Page's work has so far paid off, considering that the Google+ project has been named the fastest growing social network ever. 


Facebook, MySpace and Twitter took much longer to earn a solid user-base than Google+, which reached 25 million users in less than a month. It took Facebook 37 months to reach that many users. That being said, Google+ still has a very long way to go if it intends on competing with the other social network giants. Some experts say that Facebook will still be leading the social networking race 18 months from now. Others say that social networks have a history of shuffling around every two or three years, and users find a replacement for the most popular one. 


The  majority of Google+ users are in the United States (6.4 million), followed by India (3.6 million), then Canada and Britain (1.1 million each), and finally Germany (920,000). The ratio of men to women is currently about two to one, and 60 percent of users are between the ages of 18 and 34. Google+ has proved to be most popular in San Francisco, California, and Austin, Texas, two prominent technology-based cities. 


"Google+ is the fastest by a long shot but it's important to realize that fastest may not always be best," said Andrew Lipsman, vice president for industry analysis at the tracking firm comScore, "Sometimes, that slow build can lead to a strong network effect that pays long-term dividends." 


 Andrew Farley 

 block2Fritz Seyferth Plans on New Book 


Fritz Seyferth & Associates (FS&A) is a team building/leadership development company that helps businesses grow through a more personalized approach. They use the "Foundation of Winning" principles and disciplines to lead companies towards a collaborative work environment where workers are motivated to succeed.


Recently, Seyferth has decided to organize all of his company's ideas into a book which will provide tips for individuals to use and apply to their businesses. The book will train its readers to successfully work in teams and develop strong leadership skills. Ultimately, Seyferth hopes to see a boost in collaborative effort across the entire business spectrum, and work together to achieve meaningful success.


Although more and more people are switching to reading online, books are still a great way to get someone to see a message - especially if it is as elaborate as the one coming from FS&A. Books will not only help you organize your ideas, but, if written well, they can tremendously help the notoriety of your business. They contribute to your company's expertise, professionalism and reputation, while providing another opportunity for revenue.


Andrew Farley
article3Mobile Data Revenue Expects to Jump 23% in Year

Due to the exponential growth of mobile technology use, mobile data revenue anticipates to make an enormous growth by the end of the year. Totaling $314.7 billion, the 23% increase can be attributed to the amount of smartphone and tablet users. By the end of 2011, worldwide mobile connections will reach 5.6 billion, which is up 11% from 5 billion in 2010.


Mobile data consists of everything that one does on the Internet through their smartphone or tablet. Any information that is obtained on the Internet through one of these devices must be downloaded to it. So every time you check the weather on your phone, or look something up on Wikipedia, that data is downloaded into your phone. You can decide how much data you want your phone to be able to download by the plan you choose through your service provider.


Because of the increase in mobile device usage and Internet usage, operators are having a tough time managing the capacity and pricing of mobile data plans. They do not want heavy Internet users clogging the networks, resulting in spotty and slow access for average Internet users. In order to sustain the growing data traffic, carriers are facing increases in network costs.


"What carriers need are innovative ways to increase data revenue while finding smart solutions to manage a growing demand in data," said Sylvain Fabre, research director at Gartner. "Ultimately, it will be the consumer who chooses the content he or she wants to use, and carriers need to ensure the quality of experience is good."


Andrew Farley 


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