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May 2011
Volume 6
No. 5


  PR Should be Your Business' Best Friend

Eiler and Lousma Talk the Future of NASA

 Social Media Survey Results


 Net Neutrality on the Horizon?

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PRPR Should Be Your Business' Best Friend


As recent as two years ago, venture capitalists partnered with unprofitable companies in hopes of future promise. These investors were motivated to get big fast and looked to invest in a company before someone else took the chance. 


Today, start-ups have huge potential for making it big but they must show results. Generally, it is only companies with real potential, revenue, profits and customers that entice public investors.


Steve Blank, author, entrepreneur and adjunct professor at Stanford University's School of Engineering and U.C.

Author and entrepreneur Steve Blank

Berkeley Haas Business School, recognizes changes in business and emphasizes the role of public relations in today's climate.  


"Today's start-ups have all the tools needed to create real revenue and large networks of users for a short development cycle and rapid customer adoption," Blank said. 


In order to create revenue and a customer base, Blank stresses the importance of public relations and its ability to create visibility. 


Businesses now need to be everywhere to gain customers and look prominent. Blank advises business officials to talk at conferences, be active on blogs and use social networks to build brand image. 


Yet, Blank suggests investing in a public relations firm because publicity should not be a random tactic, but rather a calculated strategy. Publicity should be used when you understand the type of business you are in, who your customers are, how to reach them and how to scale demand for your company. 


As a successful businessman and professor, Blank understands that investing in public relations is the way to drive success now and in the future. The right public relations strategy makes it possible for your company to stand out among competitors. Public relations firms have the experience and the tools needed to help your company succeed and create buzz, relevancy and credibility through third party representation. 


Dana Prainito & Jaclyn Klein

NASAEiler and Lousma Talk the Future of NASA


Larry Eiler recently sat down with former NASA astronaut Jack Lousma during his "Re:NEW Michigan" radio segment on 1290 WLBY.


Lousma talked about the future of space exploration, specifically in terms of human space flight and the NASA administration's monetary budget. According to Lousma, the NASA budget is around $19 billion, which is only a 10th of what the government gave AIG to bail them out. In other words, it is too small. 


In order to deal with the minimal budget, NASA is encouraging the private sector to take over by transporting people into space, getting them to the space station and hauling equipment. Lousma said that NASA also wants to pass off space transportation. By doing this, NASA can focus its efforts on just exploration and discovery.   


According to Lousma, the growing reality of human space flight and the decreasing budget for exploration and discovery leave a sense of uncertainty for the future of NASA. However, one thing is clear: the wide array of technology transfer that has come from these programs is now in commercial use.  


NASA technologies have practically developed the Internet, cell phones and certain medical devices; as well as created every day accessibility to computers. That is why the continued funding of the space program is essential.


Caitlin Smith

socialEiler's Biannual Social Media Survey Results

Eiler is dedicated to researching and understanding the most recent social media trends, therefore we conduct a survey every six months in order to gather information on the topic. Thank you to everyone who participated in our April 2011 survey. Here is a summary of our results. 
  • The majority of respondents continue to use Electronic Online News as their primary source of information.
  • Respondents cited Online News as the most convenient source, emphasizing its ease-of-use and anytime access.    
  • 30.7% of respondents said that their business spends an average of 1-3 hours with social media per week, compared with 16.2% in October 2010.  
  • 41% of respondents said that social media has not replaced other forms of marketing within their business.   
  • But, 33.3% did admit that social media has augmented existing traditional marketing techniques.  
  • According to respondents, the greatest concerns for social media revolve around the quality and integrity of information, as well as control over the message.
  • The graph below illustrates the percentage of respondents who reported using the following social media sites:   

netneutralityNet Neutrality on the Horizon?


In December, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finally approved an order that will preserve the open Internet as a platform for innovation, investment, competition and free expression in the forms of net neutrality. 


For years, the FCC and Internet providers have argued over restrictions set by Internet service providers, limiting or block particular websites, services or content. Network neutrality advocates want restrictions placed on providers to prevent them from blocking or loading the content, websites or services slower. 


The new regulations, called the Open Internet Order, ban content blocking, requires transparency from all Internet service providers, and ensures that network management and pack discrimination is reasonable. 


Providers such as Verizon and MetroPCS have already begun to challenge the Open Internet Order and the House of Representatives is expected to condemn the Internet access rules. However, Senate Democrats and President Barack Obama support the rules. 


As Internet users, we should support network neutrality. It's not right for our Internet service provider to block specific content from consumers. It is our decision on what we want to see and read, so let's keep it that way with net neutrality.


Jaclyn Klein

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