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April 2011
Volume 6
No 4


Client, Cybernoor Corp.,
grows 30%

Social Media is Slam-Dunk for NCAA Tournament

It's Time to Go Local


Facebook Making Enemies

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FacebookFacebook Making Enemies

Facebook may be the Internet giant right now, but it isn't leaving anything to chance for the future. Like the many other businesses trying to develop the next big thing, Facebook is branching out to rebuild every industry around social engagement.


With its high ambitions, Facebok is creating some enemies in Silicon Valley. As it hires new people and extends its features, Facebook is disrupting the business of established companies, such as Yahoo and Google.


Facebook has been grabbing online-advertising from Yahoo, MySpace and others, while rivaling electronic payment service PayPal and competing with Google and Microsoft for top engineers. Because of this, many Silicon Valley companies are forced to decide if Facebook is a friend that they can use for their own growth or an enemy that could become their competition.


Jaclyn Klein


About Eiler

Eiler Communications is a public relations and marketing communications firm in Ann Arbor, MI.  We specialize in new and traditional media marketing, serving established and emerging companies in the communications
technology, financial services, biotechnology and healthcare industries.


cybernoorClient, Cybernoor Corp., grows 30% 

Cybernoor Corp., a leading provider of Oracle Systems solutions for businesses worldwide and an Eiler client, continues to demonstrate organic growth despite one of the most challenging economies of our times, including 30% growth in the most recent fiscal year. Founded in 2007 by Ahmed Alomari, Cybernoor, based in Pleasanton, California, will celebrate its fourth year in business in April.


"We are pleased at our significant growth and our goal now is to expand the Cybernoor brand to align it with other high-performance organizations

that set the highest standards in their respective fields like Mercedes Benz and BMW in automobiles," Alomari said. "When people think about the best database engine, they think Oracle. When they think of performance tuning, we want them to think Cybernoor." 


Alomari attributed Cybernoor's growth in fiscal 2010 to an increasing customer base and referrals from satisfied clients throughout the world.


Cybernoor is becoming recognized in the Oracle systems management niche because of its holistic approach to helping clients. Its holistic methodology analyzes a company's Oracle system from end-to-end, rather than a trial-and-error approach that means looking at one or two areas of the system.


Congratulations to Cybernoor on its growth and we wish Cybernoor an even more prosperous 2011!


Andy Chapelle 

NCAASocial Media is Slam-Dunk for NCAA Tournament 


This year college basketball fans across the
country have, arguably, greater access to the NCAA Tournament than ever before - giving them all the more reason to dance.


Fans are now able to tap into the game through live online streaming and cell-phone applications - a trend that proved highly popular in 2010 as some 11.7 million hours of live streaming occurred for tournament games. However, viewers now also have the option to take a more interactive approach to the tournament.


Social media has exacerbated the buzz around college basketball by targeting fans and specific niche audiences. Viewers have access to social hubs, such as the "Social Arena," which is an online space, funded by the NCAA and Coke Zero, that fans can go to for professional commentary and fan chatter.


Advertisers are also promoting the big dance through Facebook and Twitter, posting tales about former tournament legends and creating sweepstakes. There is even a social bracket being created on Facebook based on the number of 'likes' each team in the tournament receives.



Caitlin Smith

LocalIt's Time to Get Local

Over the past decade the Internet has put us in touch with people all around the world and given us access to information from everywhere and about everything. This technology has made the world seem much smaller but simultaneously distanced each one of us from our local community.


Patch is about to change that. This AOL owned company is the newest way for you to find out about and participate in what's going on around you. Patch is a community news and information website that provides local coverage that allows you to keep up with local news and events, look at photos and videos from your location, learn about local businesses, participate in discussions and submit your own material.


With the recent demise of newspapers, Patch is an attempt to capture local audiences on the web. Because Patch is run by professional - oftentimes laid off journalists, editors, photographers and videographers, Patch is a professional service. Patch has also tapped into the social media market, allowing people to comment on stories, share opinions, post photos, announcements and events.


I foresee Patch growing in popularity because it offers the news, events and information we no longer have with disappearing newspapers and promotes local businesses to people who actually shop, eat and drink in the specific location. Patch and other geographical niche sites may revolutionize the way to obtain information, advertise our businesses and build relationships.


Jaclyn Klein 

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