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Beyond the Fold
  January 2011
Volume 6
No 1


Happy 2011 To All Our Clients and Those Who Will Be

Public is Welcome to Join Wounded Troops and Lee Greenwood For First Annual Operation SAS Banquet

Seasoned Crain's Journalist and Marketing Specialist Join Eiler Communications

Congratulations to Armune BioSciences Inc.'s First Place Win

ArmuneCongratulations to Armune BioScience's First Place Win!

One of our clients, Armune BioScience Inc., won the $500,000 first place prize Saturday, December 11th in the Accelerate Michigan business plan competition. The competition took place December 9-11 at the University of Michigan's North Campus. The first place win means broad recognition for the company, just in time for the marketing launch of its new test technology in 2011.

Armune is a Kalamazoo-headquartered business that relies on research from the University of Michigan. The company offers a breakthrough in early cancer testing and accurate diagnosis technologies for prostate cancer, the most diagnosed cancer in America. Armune BioScience's technology aims to eliminate the amount of false-positive tests, which will save the American Health System about $2.5 billion a year.

Michigan Governor-elect Rick Snyder was in attendance to offer words of encouragement to new emerging businesses; "For start-ups, lack of success is not the same thing as failure... Just being a part of a competition like this makes you a winner." The first place win solidifies Armune BioScience's present and emerging success in medical technology.

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About Eiler

Eiler Communications is a public relations and marketing communications firm in Ann Arbor, MI.  We specialize in new and traditional media marketing, serving established and emerging companies in the communications
technology, financial services, biotechnology and healthcare industries.

NewyearAprosperous2011 To All Our Clients newyearand Those Who Will Be 

It's often reported that the direction of marketing and public relations is an indicator of the direction of the economy. This surely held true three years ago when we began the housing and mortgage meltdown and companies hunkered down, cut back and held on.

Now, we have seen a gentle but notable turn upward where companies are looking to marketing and PR to advance with new strategies, new markets and re-establish their presence with target audiences.

Lately, we have noted several companies doing this:

Holy Cross Children's Service is a statewide organization that provides health and human services for children across Michigan and provides job assistance and other skills training for people of all ages. We are developing a program to help the group tell its exciting and changing story.

Well Spring is the new name of a 16-year-old Ann Arbor-based marketing services business that has focused on small businesses in five vertical markets across the nation to grow its business in a dynamic new strategy that reaches out to small and medium sized firms.

Ann Arbor Carpet & Fine Floors is a 40-year-old carpet and fine flooring business focusing its marketing on prime target groups of women across Washtenaw County with enlightening new marketing techniques. 

University of Michigan Credit Union is using innovative advertising help to place media across the group's marketing areas.

Cybernoor, the information technology consulting firm in Pleasanton, CA, and RF Connect, the noted wireless firm in Michigan, have also both started new PR programs to reach out with their stories to target audiences across the country.

Our pro bono work with Operation Never Forgotten has engaged about 50 wounded warriors along with country music star Lee Greenwood for the group's Operation Sports, Afield and Stream this January.

ChapelleSeasoned Crain's Journalist and Marketing Specialist Join Eiler Communications

Andy Chapelle, managing editor at Crain's Detroit Business since 2007, and Toni Cotter, marketing and public relations specialist, are joining the Eiler team as senior associates.

"Andy is a well-known journalist and also worked in public relations where he helped to develop strategies, did media relations and speech and report writing for Eastern Michigan University," said Larry Eiler.

Chapelle has a Bachelor's from Eastern Michigan University and a Master's in journalism from Michigan State University. 

Cotter has worked with established and emerging local companies and media for more than 20 years. She has been the corporate media director and marketing manager for Tuffy Associates Corp., media director for Dean Foods/Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, national public relations manager for Domino's Pizza and project manager for various accounts.

"It is a value-add for our current and future clients to have people of Andy's and Toni's substantial experience available to help develop and execute our work with clients."

SASPublic is Welcome to Join Wounded Troops and Lee Greenwood For First Annual Operation SAS Banquet!

Operation SAS (Sports, Afield and Strea
m) brings wounded troops from around the country to Big Sky, January 7th-11th to enjoy what Montana has to offer including ice climbing, skiing,  dog sledding, snowmobiling, archery, mountain yurt dinners, sleigh rides, winter Yellowstone tours, hunting/fishing workshops and more!

This will be one of the most memorable events in Montana of 2011. A sportsman's dinner banquet kicks off Operation SAS, with Lee Greenwood as Master of Ceremonies Firday night, January 7th, 2011 at the Big Sky Resort Conference Center, Big Sky, Montana.

The banquet will include a silent and live auction, stand-up comedians and surprise celebrities. Auction items are available at a fraction of their value and can be reviewed at www.operationsas.org. Here are some examples:

Additional items include a rifle scope and bionoculars, two plane tickets, a bird hunt, dinner for two, spa packages, art, handcrafted quilts, outdoor sports gear and garb, log furniture and many more great Montana items.

This event is designed to facilitate outdoor sport and recreation opportunities for wounded veterans faced with physical and/or invisible wounds as a result of their combat experiences. Funding for the event is being provided solely through donations and sponsors.

Dinner is included for only $58/person, $45/veterans and $500 for a Sponsor's Table (seats eight). Visit www.operationsas.org to purchase your banquet tickets.

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