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December 2010

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Marc Hoffmeister to Provide Leadership and Inspiration to Warriors at Operation SAS

Client Update

Economic Gardening Continues to Gain Momentum withU of M Report

Internet Continues to Open Doors to New Business

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HoffmeisterMarc Hoffmeister to Provide Leadership and Inspiration to Warriors at Operation SAS
Operation Never Forgotten (ONF) is excited to have Lieutenant Colonel  Marc Hoffmeister as  one of Operation Sports, Afield & Stream's (Operation SAS) distinguished guests.

Operation SAS, a 5-day event in January 2011, supports wounded warrior awareness, e
ducation and offers a rebound program for warriors with visible and invisible wounds. Warriors from around the country will be traveling to Big Sky, Montana to attend an event paid for by sponsors.
Hoffmeister will share
his experiences with the crowd of warriors, their families and friends, media and all others in attendance.

In April 2007, Hoffmeister's Army Humvee was torn to shreds by an IED. Hoffmeister endured eight surgeries on his arm and months of pain accompanied by depression.

Hoffmeister regained a sense of purpose when he climbed Denali with his wife and four other wounded warriors. Despite a bad arm, inclement weather and extreme cold, Hoffmeister made it to the summit of Denali in June 2009. With his accomplishment, Hoffmeister's depression disappeared and he formally reenlisted in the Army. Hoffmeister will be deployed for another tour of duty in Afghanistan following Operation SAS.

"Marc is an incredible warrior," Linda Kelly, President and Founder of ONF said. "He continues to face every challenge with a tremendous amount of courage and is such a great inspiration to others. We are excited to have him mentor our warrior guests."

For more information about Hoffmeister, Operation SAS or to learn how you can help with the event, please visit www.operationsas.org. 

Jaclyn Klein

ClientsEiler Welcomes New Clients

We have added two new technology and wireless clients in the past quarter.

RF Connect of Farmington Hills, Michigan is a premier wireless mobile provider that has an established business with clients in several markets across the country. It designs and installs cellular, WiFi, WiMax or any other wireless technology to provide intelligent, efficient applications to meet the needs of an entire enterprise or an entire company.

Cybernoor is an Oracle systems-management firm headquartered in Pleasanton, CA and with clients across the nation. It uses "holistic methodolgy" in an end-to-end analytical approach to solve Oracle computer systems issues encountered by business in numerous vertical markets.

We are assisting both firms in enhancing their awareness through web site and related digital marketing, traditional and social media and related marketing and PR activities.

EconomicGardeningEconomic Gardening Continues to Gain Momentum with U of M Report

GardeningThe University of Michigan's Gerald Ford School of Public Policy released its most recent Michigan Public Policy Survey in November. Their findings validate sentiments spoken by the Small Business Association of Michigan that economic gardening is the way to grow Michigan's economy.

The survey found only twenty-five percent of Michigan local governments currently using economic development plans similar to economic gardening. But, the larger community, the more likely they are to have economic gardening practices. These practices were most often tax abatements or deferments, which isn't a main economic gardening strategy. However, this practice nonetheless emphasizes government support for existing businesses.

However, one of the most important findings is that the majority of respondents (55%) either agreed or strongly agreed that economic gardening is an effective tool for future development. This high support rate greatly supports the economic gardening movement.

As Michigan continues to search for economic strategies, it is becoming ever apparent that economic gardening is a viable option with an abundance of support.

For more information on the Michigan Public Policy Survey, click here.

Jaclyn Klein

InternetInternet Continues to Open Doors to New Businesses

A few weeks ago, one of my professors asked me what I would give up if I had to give away one thing: my phone or the Internet. It was a fairly easy question. I cannot live without the Internet. Despite my many Internet uses (e-mail, Facebook, research, headlines, etc.) I am still amazed at how much information is truly available via the Internet. Businesses and careers have emerged solely because of the endless supply of information.

Sungevity, a thriving solar energy firm, for example. It's creators tap into Google and Microsoft's free data to remotely design rooftop solar energy systems using satelite images and aerial photos. Sungevity employees design residential solar energy systems in three states and never leave their Oakland office through what is being called modern business intelligence. With the amount of digital information reaching 1 trillion gigabytes this year, Sungevity employees can rely solely on the Internet to create their products and they never have to use ladders or tape measures to look at client's roofs.

Groupon is another example of taking the Internet world by storm. This social coupon website, started in 2008, is one of the fastest growing companies ever. Groupon provides its followers with a coupon of the day from a local business. People are encouraged to share this coupon with their friends and family via social networking sites. Groupon creators, Andrew Mason and Eric Lefkofsky receive a share of the proceeds generated by that coupon. This privately owned business is estimated to be worth $3 billion!

What's even more amazing is that these are only two examples. I can't even begin to imagine what else is out there.

Jaclyn Klein

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