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July 2010
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Internet Marketing's Compelling Pull

Vote for Operation Never Forgotten to Receive a Donation from Chase Community Giving!

Michigan's Backyard Economic Gardening

China: A Double-Sided Internet Policy


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InternetInternet Marketing's Compelling Pull
Every business is looking to increase exposure, expand market share and improve customer communication.  However, what every business does not realize is that this can all be accomplished through one tool - social media.  Internet marketing's compelling pull is mystifying to business professionals, but it something that needs to be embraced.  A seminar entitled, "Internet Marketing's Compelling Pull" sponsored by Eastern Michigan University's Professional Education Center will take place on Thursday, August 12th from 8:30 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. at EMU's Livonia Center,  38777 W. Six Mile, Suite 400, Livonia, MI 48152. Six Mile and I-275.
The event is aimed to familiarize attendees with social media, provide real life examples of businesses successfully utilizing these tools, calculate social media's ROI and provide tips for integrating social media strategies into current marketing efforts. 
The event Keynote speaker Larry Eiler of Eiler Communications will also be moderating a round-table discussion with a panel of social media experts.  The panel will include Mitch Lipon, Charlie Kondek, Nathan Bomey and Wendy Williams. 
Mitch Lipon is the CEO of Xspond, a company that provides automobile dealers nationwide with vertical social media marketing processes. 
Charlie Kondek is the director of social media outreach for MS&L Digital, Ann Arbor.  He specializes in new media relations as part of public relations outreach for clients such as Proctor and Gamble, General Motors, Weight Watchers, General Mills, Nestle and the University of Michigan. 
Nathan Bomey is a digital business reporter and journalist at AnnArbor.com and an accomplished user of social media. 

Wendy Williams is a social media and online marketing specialist who developed Clockwork tm marketing strategy.  She also is an accomplished music PR professional serving as VP of New Media Strategy for Toolshed.
After the round-table discussion, the remainder of the day will consist of a case study and various breakout sessions.  The cost is $179.  Register early to receive a 10% savings and secure your spot by calling (734) 487-3566 or email pec@emich.edu.

Emily Rozanski

VoteVote for Operation Never Forgotten to Receive a Donation from Chase Community Giving!

ONF is a national non-profit, non-partisan awareness campaign to commemorate fallen heroes, wounded warriors, deployed troops and the families that love them.  The organization helps bridge the gap between our military and civilian world through public service announcements (PSAs) which can be seen and heard in the Mall of America and International airports across the country, on highway billboards and television commercials.

ONF has had to recently turn down troops and their families' requests for PSAs due to an overwhelming workload and shortage of funds.  Realizing that they were only scratching the surface to ONF's mission and what our heroes deserve, the organization solicited Eiler's expertise in social media marketing.  Eiler is hoping to capitalize on a donation opportunity for ONF presented by Chase Community Giving.  Through a Facebook voting application, Chase is giving away $5 million among 200 deserving charities.  We need your help to ensure that ONF secures a spot in the top 200.  Anyone can vote by simply clicking the link-  Please Vote. Polls close July 12.  Please help this worthy cause!
Eiler Communications has been providing pro-bono PR services to Operation Never Forgotten (ONF) since 2008.

Emily Roza
EconomicMichigan's Backyard Economic Gardening
It is a well-known fact in business that it is far more cost effective to retain existing customers than to recruit new customers.  However, the state of Michigan has been trying to recruit "new customers" for decades by showering big incentives on companies from other states or countries to invest here.  Instead, Michigan should take up "economic gardening" in its own backyard as proposed by the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM).
Economic gardening is the cultivating of existing small to mid-size businesses and growing them into much larger organizations.  A majority of local business owners admit that they sometimes feel ignored by the state.  This is attributable to the fact that the Michigan Economic Development Corp. has been focusing its efforts on seeking to bring companies to the state and not focusing on helping small, local Michigan businesses grow.
SBAM is a strong advocate for economic gardening.  At SBAM's recent annual meeting, the group educated its members and the candidates running for governor on the reasons why the state should consider pursuing this strategy.  They shared the success stories of the various pilot programs they are running with 24 companies across the state and introduced a new "Propelling Michigan by Economic Gardening" campaign.  SBAM plans to follow up with a white paper and a plan for fully implementing economic gardening by September.
Between 1995- 2007, almost all of Michigan's new jobs came from small firms with less than 100 employees.  While at the same time, employment at companies with 500 or more employees declined by 15%, or 230,000 jobs. According to these results from the Edward Lowe Foundation and the SBAM, it makes far more sense for Michigan to consider expanding from within by focusing on the small, homegrown businesses.
Emily Rozanski

ChinaChina: A Double-Sided Internet Policy

A current concern of the average American citizen is monitoring the content of their online profiles.  In a culture where an angry post or an inappropriate photo is made available for everyone to see, it is difficult to imagine having limited Internet access due to government censorship.  However, this is the existing situation in China where the government has been monitoring online content since the introduction of the Internet years ago. While U.S. citizens are censoring what they put online, the Chinese government is censoring what their citizens can access.

The Golden Shield Project, more commonly referred to as the "Great Firewall of China", operates as a censorship and surveillance program by the Ministry of Public Security division of the government of China.  The Great Firewall of China blocks website content and also monitors Internet sessions of individuals.  While it is hard to find an exact number, there are rumored to be as many as 30,000 government officials working as Internet police agents.  These Internet police ensure that any critical or questionable material is deleted within minutes.  The government expects all Internet service providers, businesses and organizations to abide by Great Firewall of China censorship policies.


Emily Rozanski

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