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January 2010
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Happy New Year, PR!


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HappyNewYearHappy New Year, PR!

By Alyssa Eckles

We thank our clients and those who will be. With the new year, we are moving forward in the exciting, emerging and ever-changing realm of media.

In the past year, so many things have changed dramatically. With the poor economy and political issues, it was a hit to anyone in media when newspapers and other mediums began to fold. Cheaper technology and faster service were changing how messages were being delivered, and abandoning traditional media in the process.

Today, media are still shaky in these still turbulent times. Newspapers must rely more on web based content. Broadcasters are looking for more ways to get interaction with the public, using Twitter or other Internet applications. The 24 hour, seven days a week media model is shaking up how information is delivered to audiences, and luckily PR has multiple new avenues to help customers increase message awareness and boost sales.

PR hasn't faltered with how quickly the means of reaching audiences are changing. If anything, PR has flourished. Social networking and blogs have allowed for more conversation on issues and are reaching more people. The tweet is the new headline, and the news feed is social media's breaking coverage. Media has gone from print to web page, leaving room for unconventional communication to step in. 

When The Ann Arbor News closed in July 2009 after more than 170 years serving its community, it seemed local news would never recover. Months later, the Ann Arbor community is seeing quite the opposite. Where one newspaper disappeared, several news websites sprang up in its place, such as AnnArbor.com and the Ann Arbor Chronicle. Now the community has more options for their news and advertisers and clients have more venues to spread their messages.

In 2010, PR will continue to evolve with other technology and media. When one pathway for a message disappears, another will be found. The Internet is offering many new and exciting tools for public relations and its clients and the future seems bright.

We are working to keep clients up-to-date on the latest social media trends and are keeping an eye out for any new bends in the path ahead. We will stand by our clients and help them navigate this changing world of new media.

We look forward to the challenge and have a wonderful new year.
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