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This is the second edition of our new HydraTIPS technical newsletter. It is a compendium of recent topics that were posted on the Hydratec blog along with other items that may be of interest to you. The first edition can be viewed by picking the View Our Archive graphic on our home page.

The publishing schedule for this newsletter is officially known as 'occasional'.

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New Technical Topics (since previous newsletter)

Overriding Object Snaps in HydraCAD - AutoCAD's Temporary Overrides
Diagnosing AutoCalc/AutoList Errors Part 4 - Water Supply Test Point not Connected
Smarter Ways to Copy and Paste in AutoCAD
Down and Dirty Block Inventory - The AutoCAD BCOUNT command
Cool 2011 Feature #6 - Parametrics, or How to Sloppy Build the Perfect Rectangle
Cool 2011 Feature #5 - Creating New Objects by Selecting Existing Ones
Diagnosing AutoCalc/AutoList Errors Part 3 - Not all Pipes Make it to HydraCALC
Cool 2011 Feature #4 - Object (or Layer) Transparency
Diagnosing AutoCalc/AutoList Errors Part 2 - Unable to Make it to HydraCALC
Cool 2011 Feature #3 - Isolate or Hide Objects
Cool 2011 Feature #2 - Selection Cycling
Cool 2011 Feature #1 - Select Similar
See AutoCAD 2011 and Revit in Action
Diagnosing AutoCalc/AutoList Errors Part 1 - Unknown Fittings
Inserting a Head or Riser Nipple on a Line or Main
Getting Your AutoCAD 2011 Manuals
Viewing Revit Files Without Buying Revit
Updating Your V51 Icon To 2011
Renaming Multiple Files One At A Time
Tired of 'Must Enter UNDO END'?
AutoList - Sending the Listing Tag Setup with the Drawing
Speeding Up When Booting Up
Plotting A 3D Riser Detail Properly
Contacting Autodesk
Fixing Really Long Copy and Pastes
Bayspace and Drawing One Line or No Lines
What Machines to Buy Now?
Saving Your Menu Customizations
Upgrading to Windows 7
Changing Double-Click Behavior to Change Attribute Edit

LAYDEL - A Nasty AutoCAD that should never be used

Calculating With a Pump but No City Supply in HydraCALC

Letting HydraCAD Figure the Slope of Sloping Pipe

Autodesk Announces New Update Pricing Scheme for 2010

Changing Attribute Color, Height, Style and Rotation

Controlling Xref Fading in AutoCAD 2010

Look to the left for an index to all topics that have been posted on the webblog.
As always, please feel free to contact us with suggestions as to what topics you would like to see explained in depth.

Arthur Dove
Hydratec, Inc.