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John Berberian, Fr. Untzag & Ani Nalbandian to Perform in FAR Benefit Concert at College of the Holy Cross

The newly founded Armenian Students' Association (ASA) at the College of the Holy Cross will host a memorial and charitable concert, titled "Pour Toi, Arménie," (For You, Armenia) on Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 4 p.m. in the college's Seelos Theater. The concert will feature the well-known John Berberian Ensemble, and Fr. Untzag and Ani Nalbandian.

The concert is the brainchild of College of the Holy Cross senior, Ani Nalbandian. The purpose of the concert is two-fold: to commemorate the 1915 Armenian Genocide, as well as to celebrate today's burgeoning and free, democratic Republic of Armenia. "It is my hope to foster campus and community-wide solidarity in this year's Genocide commemoration, and to do so in a way that will expose non-Armenians to our rich musical and cultural traditions, and to garner support for the nation-state of Armenia today" explains Ani Nalbandian, founder of the ASA and concert organizer. 

This being her final semester at the College of the Holy Cross, Nalbandian hopes to leave a lasting imprint on her college community by commemorating the Genocide in a novel way. She also seeks to achieve something more than merely the act of remembering this April by turning this event into a benefit concert. All ticket sale proceeds will be donated to Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) in an effort to help the children in the region of Gumri, Armenia, which was impoverished by the devastating earthquake in 1988.

The concert will feature an array of well-respected and accomplished musicians. Oud virtuoso John Berberian has performed throughout the U.S., Canada, and South America. He has released a series of successful Armenian and Middle Eastern recordings with companies including MGM and Mainstream Records. His ensemble includes Mal Barsamian, Harry Bedrosian, and Bruce Gigarjian, all notable musicians in their own right.
As a joint concert, it will also feature Fr. Untzag Nalbandian, and his daughter, Ani Nalbandian. Fr. Untzag Nalbandian is a well-known and respected clergyman of the Eastern Armenian Diocese of America. He is also a talented musician, having released 3 CD's featuring traditional and contemporary Armenian songs. His most recent CD, entitled "Our Favorites," was a joint compilation with his daughter, Ani. Their unique stylistic arrangements have landed some of their songs on the New Jersey Armenian Radio Hour.
In sum, not only will this concert provide all those in attendance with an unforgettable and unprecedented experiential encounter with Armenian musical traditions, but it will truly serve the people of Armenia by contributing to Fund for Armenian Relief. FAR provides short-term emergency relief and implements long-term programs for the economic growth and social development of Armenia. It helps the most vulnerable segments of the population - children and the elderly - and prepares the youth and professionals to drive the country's new democratic state.
Tickets are $15 for adults, and $10 for children 12 and under. Tickets may be ordered by calling (203) 581-1443, or by emailing ANALBA09@holycross.edu.  

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Since its founding in response to the 1988 earthquake, FAR has served hundreds of thousands of people through more than 220 relief and development programs in Armenia and Karabagh. It has channeled more than $265 million in humanitarian assistance by implementing a wide range of projects including emergency relief, construction, education, medical aid, and economic development.
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-- March 26th, 2008