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Three Health Care Tsunamis Driving Disruptive Innovation
Aligning Delivery and Payment Reform for Maximum Impact
A Solid Foundation Helps Meet a Health Data Challenge
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Public Health Integration Summit Oct. 18
CU's Eric Coleman Wins "Genius" Award
Spreading the Triple Aim Message
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Colorado's Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot...Saw Results Such As Reduced Hospital Admissions 


Big Firms Overhaul Coverage

fiscallyresponsibleThree Health Care Tsunamis are Driving Disruptive Innovation
By Phil Kalin, CIVHC President & CEO
Phil KalinThere is broad consensus from stakeholders that our current dysfunctional system needs to change dramatically to reach the Triple Aim objectives of better health, better care and lower costs. Making the transformation happen is the difficult part. At CIVHC, we find it useful to remind stakeholders across Colorado that efforts need to be informed by three "tsunamis of change" which we believe will alter the landscape of health care over the next decade.
  1. Financial Instability. We are on a fiscal cliff. As a country, we are out of money and the majority of our public health care costs are being financed through debt. It's unsustainable and we are kidding ourselves to think that we will continue to push off the hard choices in health care or other areas paid for by government.
  2. Availability of Data. The growth of data is exponential and the ability to use it for predictive modeling...

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fiscallyresponsibleAligning Delivery and Payment Reform for Maximum Impact
By Edie Sonn, CIVHC VP of Strategic Planning
Edie SonnAs one looks at the efforts to transform health care delivery and payment in Colorado, two overwhelming impressions emerge. The first is the sheer quantity of innovation underway in our state. To see what I mean, look at CIVHC's Inventory of Payment Reform and Delivery Redesign Strategies and the graphic that accompanies it. While we've done our best to be comprehensive, we know we've left important initiatives off these documents (and please contact us if yours is missing). But even our non-exhaustive list requires nearly two dozen pages to describe.


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CIVHCConnectA Solid Foundation Helps Meet a Health Data Challenge
By Jonathan Mathieu, CIVHC Director of Data and Research

Jonathan MathieuDeveloping an information resource as complex as the Colorado All Payer Claims Database is a difficult and challenging undertaking. Although sophisticated technology is available, creating a functional database from complex claims information submitted by multiple payers and spanning several years is no easy task. The reality is that even the large and well established health payers face challenges in synthesizing and making sense of their own claims data.


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CIVHCConnectThe Colorado APCD Launch event is Filling up Fast - Register Today!

apcd event pics onlyBe sure to reserve your spot today for the Colorado All Payer Claims Database Launch Event on November 1, 2012 from 10-11:30 at The Colorado Trust. Space is limited and only a few spots remain!


At this historic event, CIVHC will walk attendees through the interactive website and demonstrate how you can get answers to important questions that identify Colorado's variation in health care cost and utilization.


If you have registered and are unable to attend, please email info@civhc.org so we can open up space to other attendees.


Click for more information and to register.

CIVHCConnectPublic Health Integration Summit October 18th

Within CIVHC's "Framework for Transforming the Health Care Payment System in Colorado", there is acknowledgement of the importance of a strong relationship between the public health and private health sectors in Colorado as we move toward developing innovative payment reform models that move financial incentives away from volume towards value.


CIVHC recently convened a small group of stakeholders representing state and local public health agencies and commercial payers to begin exploring opportunities for increased collaboration. As a first step, the group suggested that CIVHC hold a summit to bring stakeholders from public health, public and private payers, funders, and primary care providers together to develop a shared vision of effective partnership. 


The Public Health Integration Summit will take place October 18, 2012, from 10:30a-4:30p at the Holiday Inn Denver- Cherry Creek. Agenda topics include further understanding the current landscape, identifying potential gaps and/or barriers to success, and developing a path to advance integration.


Click for more information and to register.

CIVHCConnectCongratulations to Eric Coleman, "Genius" Award Winner for Care Transitions

Eric ColemanCIVHC would like to congratulate University of Colorado School of Medicine doctor Eric Coleman for his recent MacArthur "genius" fellowship award. Dr. Coleman received the award for his exemplary work in care transitions which uses follow up coaching techniques with patients post-discharge to keep them from being readmitted to the hospital. Read the full Denver Post announcement.


Dr. Coleman's work is also highlighted in CIVHC's new Care Transitions Policy Brief. This issue brief describes various national models designed to improve care transitions including Dr. Coleman's model and highlights care transitions projects happening across the state.


Learn more about CIVHC's Care Transitions work.

BundledPaymentSpreading the Triple Aim Message

Health Symposium picBelow are just a few examples of external stakeholder meetings where CIVHC is promoting improving health, enhancing quality and containing costs.

Contact us if you would like us to present at your upcoming event!

The Center for Improving Value in Health Care is a non-profit, collaborative organization supporting the Triple Aim for health care: improving health, increasing quality and containing costs. We would like to thank The Colorado Trust, the Colorado Health Foundation, Rose Community Foundation and Caring for Colorado for providing funding to support our organization and focus areas.