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Have you experienced a power outage or disturbance recently?  Reliability of service is typically the number one concern of commercial, industrial and governmental electricity customers.  Our feature article "Promote Better PQ & Reliability Service" shows customers how they can take pro-active steps and set expectations with their utility, equipment suppliers and maintenance departments to promote improved PQ and reliability.  If you find this information helpful, please forward to a colleague.


Promote Better PQ & Reliability Service
Building relationships with local electric utilities is key to promoting better PQ and reliability service.  There are many pro-active steps that commercial, industrial and governmental customs can take before, during and after a power disturbance or outage. 
  • Determine the impact that disturbances and outages have on customer equipment.
  • Take action to prevent damage to internal equipment from unacceptable reliability.  Consider installation of standby generators, transient surge protectors, UPS, etc.
  • Develop relationship with local utility groups such as Key Accounts, Operations and Reliability.  Contact between customer executive and utility executive is a good idea.
  • Set PQ and reliability expectations with utility, equipment suppliers and internal maintenance groups.  Explore reliability upgrades with utility, supplier and maintenance.
  • Meet with utility on periodic basis to discuss disturbance events, system planning and reliability.  Include customer and utility executives on annual basis.
  • Develop outage reaction procedure.  Include reporting, equipment shutdown, monitoring and communications tasks.
  • Report outage to utilitiy for each account experiencing outage.
  • Contact utility representative such as Key Accounts Manager.
  • Monitor outage through utility web site. 
  • Keep record of each event and equipement reaction.  Use standardized form. 
  • Request utility to provide report on each important disturbance.
  • Ask utility to provide a plan outlining preventive measures.
"BE PREPARED" before, during and after an electrical disturbance event.
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