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Happy New Year and best wishes for a prosperous 2012 from eDiscoveri.  As we begin 2012, many organizations are searching for ways to reduce energy costs.  In some cases, reducing energy cost may not include reducing the consumption of energy.  Reviewing accounts for proper rate selection, reviewing utility contracts for possible contract minimum demand or facilities charge adjustments and account totalization are just a few methods that may result in energy cost reductions.  Please read our feature article "Discover Keys to Reducing Energy Costs".  If you find this information helpful, please forward to a colleague.


Discover Keys to Reducing Energy Costs.
The consumption and cost of electricity continue to climb for businesses and government agencies.  In addition to managing the use of electricity wisely, the cost of energy needs to be managed.  Energy saved at noon may have a different cost impact than energy saved at midnight due to on and off-peak periods in the rate schedules.  Switching rate schedules or modifying a contract may have significant impact on the cost of electricity but may not result in any energy savings.
The keys to energy management are knowing:
  • Cost of electricity and the electricity rate schedule
  • Consumption of energy
  • When energy is used
  • Where energy is used
  • Simple energy managment techniques
An initial "To Do" list for an energy management program should include:
  • Organize Energy Team
  • Develop Baseline of Energy Consumption and Cost (EnergyCAP Express Software)
  • Conduct Walk Thru Energy Audits
  • Develop Relationship With Electric Utility
  • Review Agreements Between Customer and Electric Utility
  • Review Electric Bills to Confirm Proper Rate Selection


Next steps on the "To Do" list might include investigations into:


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