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October 2012 

Crisp, cool mornings. Pumpkin spice lattes. Neighborhood leaf piles. And reams of new research.
Yep, Fall is here. And at Fight Colorectal Cancer, we've been harvesting a bounty of new medical findings and scientific reports. 
So, the October E-News is chock full of info, from revelations about "Junk DNA"  to the discovery of new genetic mutations that lead to colorectal cancer. Get the tips for coping with peripheral neuropathy and send a message to your U.S. Representative to make screenings available without a copay for patients with Medicare. 
So sit back, enjoy the E-News with a latte...and then buy a round for us. Thanks in advance.
Fight Colorectal Cancer Welcomes New Board Members
Three new members have joined Fight Colorectal Cancer's Board of Directors: Sally Church, Dana Rye, and David Wicks.

Each of them were invited based on their connection to the disease and their willingness to put their considerable skills and contacts to work to benefit the programs of Fight Colorectal Cancer.
Sally Church has been a friend to the organization for several years through her pharma strategy blog where she breaks down the complicated science of pipeline oncology drugs. She has lost two beloved family members to colorectal cancer. 
Dana Rye Dana Rye, a stage II colorectal cancer survivor, was just 24 when she was diagnosed in 2009. Since then, Dana, a high yield bond analyst at Credit Suisse, has attended Call-on Congress and raised thousands of dollars for the organization. 

We met David Wicks this spring when we rang the closing bell at Nasdaq, where David is Vice President. David has committed himself to this cause in honor of his dad who sadly passed away from colorectal cancer in August.
Tingling and numbness in the hands and feet can be tell-tale signs of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN), a common side effect after treatment with FOLFOX. 
In this videowe offer tips on managing peripheral neuropathy during the cold season. Also available are several articles on our website about coping with CIPN during the winter months. 
Insurers are passing the buck and billing patients during screening colonoscopies when a polyp is removed, according to a report released by the Kaiser Family Foundation, in conjunction with the American Cancer Society and the National Colorectal Cancer Round Table (Fight Colorectal Cancer also contributed to the report). 

The report validates complaints from patients about surprise bills after their colonoscopy and documents the inconsistencies in billing by insurers.

Read the Kaiser report and then send your U.S. Representative a message to cosponsor H.R. 4120, the ''Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act of 2012," to waive the coinsurance during a screening colonoscopy.  
So-called "Junk DNA," turns out, is quite useful

Imagine opening a closet of twisted wires leading to unknown outlets and junctures -- and untangling them successfully.

That's the equivalent of what geneticists have done, and in the process, finding new genetic mutations for colorectal cancer. 

In a flurry of new papers recently published, scientists are unraveling the mysteries within DNA, including how changes in gene "switches" can trigger certain diseases and that so-called "junk DNA" really isn't. 

Read more about their fascinating research here.
New colorectal cancer genetic mutations found

An army of geneticists are parsing the entire genome of 250 different colorectal cancers to map its DNA. The goal: to classify every gene mutation and determine why it occurred.

That's just some of the data unveiled as part of the Cancer Genome Atlas Project. Physicians hope to use this research to prescribe individualized treatment for subtypes of colorectal cancer.
Two-year study creates regimen to cut infection rates 

Infections during surgery can cost $1 billion a year -- and that's just among colorectal cancer patients. 

Johns Hopkins Hospital physicians hope to stem that rate by a third in one year, thanks to a team-approach that includes surgery, anesthesia, nursing and infection control leaders.  
Read more about their evidence-based system approach here.  
Eat Well and Keep It Moving
Can a healthy lifestyle really keep you from getting cancer?

Maybe. Physicians meeting at an international cancer summit said that smoking and obesity lead to a large percentage of cancers in high-income countries.

Diet, body weight and exercise can also play a large role in slowing cancer deaths, another study showed
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