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November 2011
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Almost all patients on FOLFOX will experience acute neuropathy in the days and hours following an oxaliplatin infusion. It is unpleasant, but short-lived. Some, however, experience chronic peripheral neuropathy - and it can be debilitating. Add the bitterness of a cold winter day, and you will be definitely singing the blues.

 Learn how you can protect yourself from the cold.

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Colorectal cancer patients in a clinical trial who took the oral drug regorafenib (reg-or-RAF-en-ib) lived longer than those who got the best supportive care along with a placebo. In fact, when an independent committee analyzed the progress of the trial, they recommended that patients who had been randomly assigned to the placebo arm receive the new medicine. Patients on the trial who saw improvement had already had their cancer get worse on all standard approved treatments.



Kate Murphy named to treatment guidelines panel

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Kate Murphy

Fight Colorectal Cancer's own director of research communication, Kate Murphy, has joined the colon and rectal panel that sets treatment guidelines at the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). She is the first patient advocate ever to be invited to sit on the panel, which seeks to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of colorectal cancer treatment. Kate, a 30 year survivor, is a founding staff member of Fight Colorectal Cancer. She has written our Research and Treatment News blog since 2005, and is also the moderator of the Colon listserv. NCCN has made an excellent decision. Congratulations Kate!


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Fight Colorectal Cancer, in conjunction with the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, is asking patients who have been personally affected by the cancer drug shortage to share their story on our joint website at 


Your story will help us as we work with Congress, the Food and Drug Administration and the media to raise awareness of this crisis and put a human face to the issue.   


 Log on and share today.  



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Are you planning a holiday party (or is your office)? Why not turn it into a FUNdraiser for colorectal cancer research? Fight Colorectal Cancer can help. We'll even send balloons!


Read more. 


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Before you begin your online holiday shopping spree, be sure to visit  Fight Colorectal Cancer's mall. A simple click of your mouse will allow you to raise money for Fight CRC every time you shop at a participating merchant - at no extra cost to you. With thousands of online merchants, you are sure to help the cause while bringing joy to others this holiday season.  


Get started! 

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Fight Colorectal Cancer is excited to be a part of Kaleidoscope on Ice, a star-studded holiday spectacular hosted by Olympic champions and cancer survivors Dorothy Hamill and Scott Hamilton. Kaleidoscope on Ice combines the beauty of skating, the excitement of song and the brave message of survivorship to raise awareness of cancer. The show will air on FOX on Thanksgiving Day from 4:30 - 5:30pm Eastern (immediately following the football telecast).
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In partnership with Fight CRC, Genomic Health has launched a free mobile app for their My Colon Cancer Coach program. The Coach app allows patients and caregivers to walk through the My Colon Cancer Coach tool on their smartphones to access information about their personalized cancer treatment options. It also includes note-taking and audio-recording functions, a list of questions to ask the doctor, a calendar, a glossary of terms and links to additional resources. 


The goal of the Coach program is to empower patients with individualized information to facilitate more meaningful discussions between them and their doctors.


To access the free app, search "Cancer Coach" in the Android marketplace or iTunes store, or go to 

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In this issue:
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  • Patient to Patient: Deciding Whether to Work During Treatment
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March 5-7, 2012
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