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Issue 36                                                    Thursday, August 11, 2011 


3 Technology Trends Your Companyn Can't Ignore



Technology is evolving - fast. And though it may not be easy to keep up with it all, your company cannot just focus on the changes that are happening today. You need to look beyond, to the technological trends that are emerging to shape the future of your organization and your industry. Why? Because the more anticipatory you can be in regard to technology, the more creatively you can use it to gain competative advantage.

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3 Technology Trends Your Company Can't Ignore

Thinking Outside the "SOX" Box


Oh, how risk managers would love to lock the SOX in a box, throw away the key and toss it off the dock.


If Dr. Seuss had penned the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, risk managers might have derived some pleasure out of reading the weighty document, passed into law in the wake of the Enron, WorldCom and Tyco International scandals a decade ago.


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Thinking Outside the SOX Box



DR / BCM Program Initiation: Hitting the Snooze Button


There's a Chinese proverb that states, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Well, let's update that just a bit and relate it to Business Continuity; "the establishment of a program begins with a single step." Too often, there are two things that happen when someone wants to start building a BCM program; it sees itself through to the end successfully or it's like trying to roll a boulder up a hill...backwards. Sisyphus would know what that's like.


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Improving the IT Security Industry - A Top-Down Effort



The ever ongoing debate about quality IT staff once again received a nudge, this time by an article of J. Oquendo.

In his article he takes another brutally honest stab at the Industry by pointing out that the new Shady RAT attacks aren't that new and would have been easily caught by capable personnel.

I agree with that view very strongly and would also like to point out that Shady RAT is really no different than Night Dragon in that both attack waves used techniques that have been known for a decade or more. Obviously someone is asleep at the wheel, but who?

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 Improving the IT Security Industry - A Top-Down Effort


Health Net Breach Impact Grows

Incident Tops OCR's List of Major Breaches


The Health Net Inc. breach discovered that was believed to have affected nearly 2 million individuals may be larger than originally stated.


The insurer originally said that 2 million people nationwide were affected, 124,000 of those in Oregon. But Health Net Oregon president Chris Ellertson said in an email to the Oregon Insurance Division last month that an additional 6,300 Oregonians were affected by the breach, bringing the total number to 130,000 for Oregon, according to an article from The Oregonian.



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