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Issue 34                                                     Friday, July 29, 2011 


Don't Lose Customers Over a Data Breach



So  your company has just suffered a data breach. You've done what you can, offered the public apology, sacrificed your CISO and promised everything will be alright.

But there's a problem. Your competitors are taking advantage of your weakened state and swooping in on your customers, wooing them with offers too good to resist and promising them a life of security they deserve which you could never provide.

Is there anything you can do to stem your losses or do you sell up and resign yourself to job seekers allowance?

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Don't Lose Customers Over a Data Breach

Disaster Proofing Your Business with an Electronic Document Management System




Critical Backups and Data Protection in the Event of a Disaster

Nerly 18,000 businesses were dislocated, disrupted or destroyed by 9/11. Thousands more were affected by Hurricane Katrina. According to research by the University of Texas, only 6 percent of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss survive, while 43 percent never reopen and 51 percent close within two years.

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Disaster Proofing Your Business...



Too Many Tools, Not Enough Glue?


Like many security practitioners I have a file share where I download the many installation tools and hacking literature I have come across in my day-to-day travels.


At present my collection amounts to a relatively stripped-down 240GB of data and a stack of assorted live CDs and Flash drives.


Everything is there, from old free versions of now comercial tools, Windows hacks, Linix hacks, hacks for running NIX on Windows, attack tools, defensive tools, forensic tools...


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 Too Many Tools, Not Enough Glue


Virtualization Can't Guarantee Data Availability



Virtualization platforms such as those for VMware, Microsoft and Citrix can provide for advances in high availability (HA) for most enterprises. By extending this concept to non-company-owned server systems, cloud solutoins can add even more options for server uptime in the event of either a single-server or multi-system disaster. However, HA solutions that focus on immediate recovery of the system state of a failed virtual machine (VM) can lead to problems with the VM definition is just fine, but data is lost, whatever the reason.

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 Virtualization Can't Guarantee Data Availability


PCI Compliance Scam? You Tell Me...

I ran into a situation recently and wanted to voice my disgust over it.


I have a friend that runs a side business with their spouse and, of course, takes credit cards for payment. They signed up with a processor and obtained a logon to the processor's Web site for processing card transactions.


A couple of months ago, he called me because he had gotten a letter from his processor saying that they needed to be PCI compliant. He called me to find out exactly what PCI compliant meant.


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