September 2012

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New Rules from NCAA Hockey


The Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) approved rule changes to encourage more scoring next season.  The new rules will allow some displacement of the goal posts as long as the posts remain in contact with the pegs or pins. For the goal to be awarded, the posts must have been displaced by a defending player. The referee must determine that the puck would have entered the net between the normal positions of the goal post.


Also, goals that ricochet into the net off an attacking player's skates will be allowed, unless the referee determines that the puck was intentionally kicked.


Another rule change is that all hand passes, including those in the defensive zone, will be illegal.


The PROP also approved an overtime procedure that conferences may adopt, or competing teams can use by mutual consent, that limits the number of players to four on each side.


Finally, the panel approved making the two-referee, two-linesman system mandatory for men's ice hockey effective with the 2013-2014 season. For more information, please visit 


Results from Survey of High School Athletic Directors
 and Coaches Just Released


The National Sporting Goods Association recently surveyed high school athletic directors and coaches nationwide. The survey looked at protective equipment for the following sports: boys' baseball, boys' football, and girls' softball.  Ice hockey and lacrosse were surveyed for both boys and girls.   

 September Newsletter 82912


The replacement graph above is a good tool to use when selling because it will help you in getting your athletic directors and coaches to benchmark their replacement protocol.


 Hockey newletter graph


As you can see from the Parent Share of Equipment Purchases chart, ice hockey gets more parent participation in equipment purchases than baseball, softball, football or lacrosse, and it has increased!


The complete survey has more than 25 charts and graphs. It is free to HDA members and is available to non-members for $190.  For more information please contact the HDA, (847) 296-6742, ext. 108 or email


How Do You Sharpen Blades?


In our last issue of The Hockey Voice we brought up the issue of preference when it comes to sharpening skates.  We shared some divergent opinions and unknowingly created a little controversy because of some information that we presented as fact, but may have been better categorized as opinion.  So to generate a more accurate picture of blade sharpening perferences, HDA used our monthly 30 SECONDS SURVEY.


As you will recall, we asked each of you to tell us which methods you use to sharpen skates. We had an excellent response with 71 of you participating. The results are as follows:


 HDA chart 

30 of the 71 respondents do both hollow grind, and flat bottom (FB), and one does all three.


The comments that accompanied many of the survey responses painted a picture of diverse opinions. Some of you said you will continue to stick just with hollow grind, while others strongly supported the flat bottom approach, and like the way that FB helps to differentiate them.



  We Enjoy Sharing. But We Need Your Support


The staff at the Hockey Dealers Association spends many hours each month searching for information that can help you run a more profitable business. HDA is also working on helping to expand the number of participants in hockey.


Dues help to provide the resources used to conduct this research and share it through this newsletter with HDA members and non-members.  In the end, we all have the same objective of growing the sport of hockey.


If you are still just looking at HDA from a distance, please consider joining the only association devoted to hockey dealers.  Join this month for $156 and your membership will provide you with meaningful returns through December 31, 2013. 


See you next month in Las Vegas.



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September 1993


The Anaheim Mighty Ducks played the Pittsburgh Penguins in their first NHL pre-season game.



Nominations Open for NSGA College Scholarship Program  


The 2nd Annual College Scholarship program wil provide 14 scholarships worth $1,000 each to the top student employees of members of the Hockey Dealers Association, as well as student employees of NSGA Retailer and Team Dealer members. We've created several marketing pieces to make it easy fo you to get the information to your students.


Visit the Employer Page to download an employee break room flyer and email template, view frequently asked questions and learn more about the 2012 recipients and their employers.


Encourage your student employees to visit to apply today so they have plenty of time to collect their school transcript and recommendation from your company.  Applications will be accepted through October 8, 2012.


2012 Annual Business of Ice Hockey Report Available

The report on the State of the Ice Hockey Industry is now available for $190 to non members. It includes sales of new equipment, participation numbers, sales of used equipment, and costs of doing business.

The report is provided FREE to all HDA members.


If you are interested in purchasing this report, email   

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