August  2012

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 New High School Ice Hockey Rules Focus on Checking from Behind


The National Federation of State High School Associations Ice
Hockey Rules Committee has approved changes to the rules that will strengthen the language for checking from behind.



Rule 6-7-1:

No player shall push, charge, cross-check or bodycheck an opponent from behind on open ice.


Rule 6-7-2:

Hitting from behind into the boards or goal frame is a flagrant violation.


Also, two new rules regarding the goal crease have been implemented:


Rule 6-23-4:

No attacking player shall stand on the goal crease line if, in the opinion of the official, the player physically prevents the goalkeeper from defending the goal.


In addition, the high school goal crease will now match the crease used by both the National Hockey League, and National Collegiate Athletic Association. If you have another rules question, please contact co-director Chuck Suritz at



  What's Your Preference on Skate Sharpening?

We have followed a lot of recent discussion online about skate sharpening preferences. Some dealers prefer to provide hollow grind, while others are using the flat bottom V (fbv) approach. Proponents of fbv say that it provides greater speed on the ice.


Dealers who prefer the hollow grind say they are better for business because they bring customers back for sharpening more often, resulting in more spontaneous purchases of accessories. Also, one dealer stated that only one player in the NHL uses the fbv, which in his opinion lessens its popularity and value.


Please share your thoughts with us by emailing


How Budget Cuts are Impacting Protective

Equipment Sales 


You are invited to a free NSGA Webinar: High School Protective Equipment Survey Findings.


When: August 14, 10 AM (CDT)   

Where: on your computer 


NSGA will announce the findings of its first High School Protective Equipment Survey. High school athletic directors and coaches were surveyed electronically regarding their purchases of protective gear for several sports played at the high school level.


During this hour webinar, NSGA will present the key findings of the survey which include percent of protective equipment purchased by parents, schools recommendations to parents, how often equipment is replaced, percent of purchases from team dealers, and other important findings.


Space is limited to the first 25 members who register.


To reserve your spot in this webinar, please contact NSGA Director of Research & Information Services Dan Kasen, (800) 815-5422, ext. 108, or

  Pre-Season Fitness---Does It Prevent and/or Reduce Collegiate Sports Injuries?


Canadian researchers wanted to learn what impact pre-season fitness levels had on preventing or minimizing injuries during the season for six sports. The study included a vertical jump test, along with tests of flexibility and upper and lower body strength.

Surprisingly, they found that gender and sport had a much greater impact on the probability of injury than fitness levels. On average, female athletes incurred their first injury about 40% of the way through the season, while men did not suffer their first injury until 66% of the way through the season.


The sport that generated injuries soonest was volleyball for both men and women.


The safest sport was men's hockey, with first injuries occurring approximately three-quarters of the way through the season.


(Source: Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation, Therapy & Technology, news release, July 22, 2012)

  HDA NEWS      


2nd Annual Business of Ice Hockey Report

Just Released by Hockey Dealers Association


All members of the Hockey Dealers Association will soon be receiving the 2nd Annual Business of Ice Hockey report. The extensive report includes up-to-date statistics on the sale of new and used ice hockey equipment, and ice hockey participation. In addition the report will include costs of doing business for specialty retailers.


Here's a sample of what is contained in the report:


* 25.9% of consumers purchased ice hockey skates via the Internet in 2011...the 2nd largest distribution channel.


* 50.6% of used hockey equipment was purchased in 2011 for use by females.


If you are not a member, you may purchase the report for $190. If you join, the report is included at no extra charge, and your membership will be paid through December 31, 2013.


Join HDA today and receive membership benefits for the remainder of 2012 and all of 2013. Visit  



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HDA NEWS...2nd Annual Business of Ice Hockey Report
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