July 2012

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Amazon Begins Texas Sales Tax Collection


Online-only retailer Amazon.com began to collect the state sales tax in Texas on July 1. Eight states have followed Texas' lead and passed legislation or taken administrative action in the past year to help level the retail playing field by requiring online retailers like Amazon to collect sales tax. California and Pennsylvania are next, with both states requiring Amazon to collect sales tax in September. In addition, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell recently struck agreements with Amazon in their respective states.



National Federation of State High School Associations
 New Rule---Effective 2012-2013


NFHS recently created the following rule that may affect your inventory in the months ahead:


Rule 3-3-2 and 3-3-3: Goalkeeper Equipment - Leg Pads will be a maximum 11 inches wide and maximum 38 inches long. Blocker glove padding will be a maximum 8 inches wide and maximum 15 inches long. Catching glove will be a maximum 45 inch perimeter and a maximum 18 inch length across. The wrist cuff will be a maximum 4 inches by a maximum 8 inches.

If you have questions on this new rule, please contact HDA Director Chuck Suritz.


Please Participate in the Hockey Dealers

Cost of Doing Business Survey


Every two years, the National Sporting Goods Association surveys the sporting goods industry to generate up-to-date benchmarks that retailers and dealers can use to measure their businesses against. The survey is secure and confidential and is compiled by an independent audit firm.


The Hockey Dealers Association is adding a customized segment for hockey dealers. If you participate, you will receive a free customized report that will compare your store's numbers to the entire industry.


The audit firm does not supply NSGA with individual data, but just aggregated data to protect your privacy.


Click here to take the survey. Please call or email Dan Kasen with any questions at (847) 296-6742, ext. 108 or Dkasen@nsga.org.


The survey closes on July 30, 2012.


Todd Thismesch of Sports Page of Ames says it best:


"You have to work hard and be smart. The Cost of Doing Business Survey helps us to be smart."




  Most Popular POS Software for Hockey Dealers


Recently we polled our entire database of hockey dealers to determine which POS software was most popular. Many of you participated, and we thank you. We also asked how happy you were with the software on a scale of 1 - 10.


We were surprised to learn that there was such a large variety of vendors providing the software. A total of 12 companies were mentioned.


As you can see from the charts below, the most popular software is Quickbooks POS, and not surprisingly, those who created a custom POS system are the most satisfied.


If you are considering changing software vendors, you may also consider Southware Team Sports...a vendor vetted by the National Sporting Goods Association that will provide preferred pricing. Click here to learn more about the platform.  










Join the Hockey Dealers Association Today and receive......


The 2nd Annual Business of Ice Hockey Report is nearing completion. As a member, you will receive the latest report that covers sales numbers for ice hockey equipment, ice hockey participation numbers, and purchases of used equipment.


Please visit hockeydealersassociation.org  to join and for more information on the association. 




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LATEST NEWS...Amazon Begins Texas Sales Tax Collection
Please Participate in the Hockey Dealers Cost of Doing Business Survey
Tip of The Month...Most Popular POS Software for Hockey Dealers
HDA NEWS...Join the Hockey Dealers Association Today and Receive 2nd Annual Business of Ice Hockey Report
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Red Kelly, legendary ice hockey player, was born July 9, 1927




The 49th Annual NSGA Management Conference & 15th Annual Team Dealer Summit, May 5-8, 2013 at the PGA National Resort & Spa - Palm Beach Gardens, FL  


2012 Annual Business of Ice Hockey Report Available

The report on the State of the Ice Hockey Industry will soon be available for $190 to non members. It includes sales of new equipment, participation numbers, sales of used equipment, and costs of doing business.

The report is provided FREE to all HDA members.


If you are interested in purchasing this report email,


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