June 2012

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The Latest Innovations from Bauer

Forbes' website recently ran an interview with Bauer CEO, Kevin Davis, about the company's emphasis on state-of-the-art technology.


Click here to view the story and accompanying video to learn more about some of the interesting things the company is working on to move hockey equipment forward.

HDA Parent Organization, NSGA, Creates Select Service
 Provider Relationship with ASG, Provider of SouthWare Team Sports Business Software


HDA members can take advantage of the cost savings associated with a new select service provider relationship created by the National Sporting Goods Association with ASG, provider of SouthWare Team Sports business software.


The software can help you accomplish all of your business needs, including financial management, production & distribution, point of sale, and e-commerce. So if you have been thinking about implementing a new software system, take advantage of the new relationship's significant savings and rebate opportunities by exploring SouthWare Team Sports today.


Call ASG's Scott Gaspar at (918) 523-2700 for more information.




  Tips for Scrutinizing Your Inventory



Managing inventory is one of the most important business processes for any retailer to ensure the best bottom line possible. Inventory management experts recommend the following to keep your inventories lean:


  1.    Evaluate every outstanding buying order.

                 ---Do you really need the merchandise?

                 ---Do you really need that many of each item?

                 ---Can you delay delivery and not lose sales?

   2.   Prepare an aged inventory list, identify and clear out the dogs at  any price.

   3.   Send back damaged items from your stock room for credit or refund.

   4.   Re-negotiate terms of payment with vendors and see if you can return slow moving items when placing new orders.



How Does Your Store Look to Your Customers?


Are you interested in getting a different perspective on how your store looks to your customers? Here's a great way to do it.


Photograph the interior, aisle by aisle. Print each photo to at least 11" x 14". Look critically at each photo, and mark everything you see that does not contribute to selling or providing a better experience for your customers.


                          INTERNET RESEARCH


Current Top Hockey Equipment Sellers on Amazon.com


Green Biscuit Training Puck

by Green Biscuit


NHL SX Comp 1020 Power Force Hockey Stick 40-Inch Youth

Assorted Colors

by Franklin


Plastic 2-Piece Square Hockey Puck Holder

by BCW


NHL HX Pro 2045 ABS Fiber-Ply Street Hockey Stick

by Franklin


Elite Hockey Prolace Waxed Hockey Skate Laces

by Elite


Tour Hockey Thor 909 Inline Hockey Skate

by Tour


Guard Dog Universal Ice Skate Guards - Hard

by Guard Dog


Jaybird And Mais 299 Hockey Tape

by Jaybird





 Are You Adequately Protecting Yourself from

 Purchasing Counterfeit Merchandise?


In our search for valuable information for hockey dealers, we ran across this website that shows a few of the common counterfeiting tricks on hockey jerseys. We hope you can utilize the information as you work to ensure you're not purchasing counterfeit jerseys.



Join Your Fellow Hockey Dealers and Help Grow Hockey


Membership is only $63 for the remainder of 2012. Manufacturers may join for just $273.  Please visit hockeydealersassociation.org or call us at (800) 815-5422, ext.130.


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Hockey Trivia 


June, 1989--Wayne Gretzky (Los Angeles Kings) won the Hart Trophy for the 9th time. He was the first player in NHL history to win the same award nine times.




The 49th Annual NSGA Management Conference & 15th Annual Team Dealer Summit, to be held May 5-8, 2013 at the PGA National Resort & Spa - Palm Beach Gardens, FL  


2011 Annual Business of Ice Hockey Report Available

The inaugural report on the State of the Ice Hockey Industry is now available for $190. It includes sales of new equipment, participation numbers, sales of used equipment, and costs of doing business.

The report is provided free to all HDA members.


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