April 2012

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Useful Training Videos


The Hockey Dealers Association is creating a repository of links to useful videos for hockey dealers. Click here to view a resource with 37 videos produced by Blademaster that provides a wealth of blade sharpening techniques and machine maintenance protocols.




The Impact of Tablets


Recent research by Prosper Mobile Insights has confirmed that 31% of tablet users compared prices prior to purchasing at a brick and mortar store, and tablet users spent 20% more per purchase than did desktop/laptop owners. In comparison to smartphone shoppers, tablet shoppers spent 50% more per purchase, which is why your website must be fully compatible with tablets.


Design tip: A new approach to website design that is becoming popular is to design a website with a smartphone in mind. Then build from this foundation, adding functions and content for tablets and desktops.





 Hiring the Best People for Your Business


The hiring process is extremely critical for small businesses, and you can't afford to make the wrong hire when you have to depend on a small staff. To find the best people, you have to ask the right questions. Include the following questions, and you will be able to get past the perfunctory answers that your candidates have canned in anticipation of the interview:


  1. Tell me about a situation where something went wrong, and how you responded.
  2. We've lined up several candidates who are qualified for this position. Why should we hire you over other well qualified candidates?
  3. What will you do during your first 90 days of employment?
  4. How do you take advantage of your strengths? How do you compensate for your weaknesses?
  5. What will make you love to come to work?


Are You Using YouTube?


The second most popular search engine on the Internet is YouTube. This very simple-to-make hockey video has generated more than 4.7 million views to date. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CdJTfGiRCI


Send us a link to a hockey video that you produced, and we will include a link to it in the next issue of The HockeyVoice.  


Production tip: Every digital camera made today has a video option, and so do almost all smart phones, and tablets. The challenge is capturing good sound. If your camera has an input for a microphone, purchase an inexpensive wired microphone to ensure good quality sound.


                      INTERNET RESEARCH


     Top 5 Best Sellers in Ice Hockey Helmets on Amazon  

  1. Bauer 1500 Ice Hockey Helmet Combo with Cage
  2. Bauer 2100 Helmet Combo (Junior)
  3. Mylec Helmet with Chinstrap
  4. Bauer 4500 Ice Hockey Helmet Combo with Cage
  5. Easton Stealth S9 Ice Hockey Helmet and Cage Combo



Ice Hockey Heals in Israel 


Click here to read a recent Associated Press story that discusses how ice hockey has brought together Arab and Jewish teens in Northern Israel. It is a positive story about how the sport has helped these teens better integrate and come together for a common purpose --- to win.






                     HDA Introductory Membership Offer 


Companies across the country have done so already, but if you haven't, you can join the Hockey Dealers Association today and get all membership benefits for 2012 for just $64.  www.hockeydealersassociation.org




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Useful Training Videos
The Impact of Tablets
Hiring the Best People for Your Business
Are You Using YouTube?
Top 5 Best Sellers in Ice Hockey Helmets on Amazon
Ice Hockey Heals in Israel
HDA Introductory Membership Offer
Hockey History On This Date 

April, 1977 --Montreal Canadians became the first team in NHL history to win 60 games in a season. They beat the Washington Capitals 2-1 to end the season with a record of 60-8-12. 



If you are planning to attend the 2012 NSGA Management Conference & Team Dealer Summit and have yet to make your hotel reservations at The Westin La Cantera Resort, be sure to do so before next Monday, April 9 to guarantee a spot in the NSGA Room Block and get the discounted rate of $175/night.  

2011 Annual Business of Ice Hockey Report Available

The inaugural report on the State of the Ice Hockey Industry is now available for $190. It includes sales of new equipment, participation numbers, sales of used equipment, and costs of doing business.

The report is provided free to all HDA members.


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