January 2012

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       Big Increase in Online Sales during the

 2011 Holiday Season


According to ComScore, retail sales online made some huge gains. In particular, retail sales online increased by 26% during Black Friday, the day when most retailers pull out all stops to encourage store traffic.



 More Evidence for the Elimination of

Fighting in Hockey


Fighting in hockey should be stopped because it leads to head trauma that causes progressive brain damage, says an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.


"The tragic story of Sidney Crosby's layoff due to concussions has not been sufficient for society to hang its head in shame and stop violent play immediately," Dr. Rajendra Kale, a neurologist and Interim editor of the CMAJ, wrote in a recent editorial in the journal.


Dr. Kale writes that a ban should be imposed on all forms of intentional head trauma, based on new research from the Boston University School of Medicine that shows the presence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy(CTE), in the brains of prominent hockey players.


Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease, causes memory problems, changes in personality and mood, Parkinson-like symptoms and changes in speech and gait.


Kale cites 2009 research from the same Boston University researchers that revealed CTE in 50 of 70 athletes studied.


"The simple message from the work done by McKee and colleagues is that the brain does not tolerate repeated hits," he writes.


 Facebook and Hockey Fans--Surprisingly Close Relationship 


Recent research implemented by Irwin Broh Research and sponsored by SBRnet revealed some interesting relationships between Facebook and hockey fans. The largest sport category followed by sport fans on Facebook is the NFL with approximately 33% of all fans who use Facebook. The second largest category is minor league hockey with approximately 30%. Minor league hockey exceeded MLB, the NBA, the NHL, Lacrosse, Soccer, NASCAR, Rugby, Fishing, MLS, Minor League Baseball, IndyCar, and College Basketball. A full report for all information for all fifteen sports categories is available for subscription for $395. For more information contact SBRnet at (609) 896-1996 or richard@sbrnet.com  

Are you using Facebook to build relationships with hockey prospects and your current customers? If not, take a look at this link.



Mobile Users May Soon Exceed Desktop Users 


According to research implemented by Morgan Stanley Research, Mobile Internet Users will surpass the number of people using their desktop computers in 2014. If you are doing business on the Internet, you clearly must address the customers and prospects of your business that are now and will be using their phones and tablets to gather information, and place orders. Click here.


If your website is NOT currently mobile-ready, consider this website as one possible resource to get you up to speed. http://www.dudamobile.com/




Join your fellow hockey dealers who are helping to build the

 Hockey Dealers Association


Take HDA for a test run. New dealer members may join for all of 2012 for just $94. The regular membership fee is $125. Just visit the HDA website www.hockeydealersassociation.org. 


We are dedicated to helping you operate a profitable hockey business, and are very excited about the services and benefits we will be offering members in 2012.  




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Big Increase in Online Sales During the 2011 Holiday Season
More Evidence for the Elimination of Fighting in Hockey
Facebook and Hockey fans-Surprisingly Close Relationship
Internet Research...Mobile Users May Soon Exceed Desktop Users
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A Quick Way to Perform Retail Analytics

If you are interested in performing a quick and easy analysis of your retail business, just click here and fill in the numbers.


1984 - Wayne 'The Great One' Gretzky scored eight points (four goals and four assists) for the second time in his National Hockey League (NHL) career. Edmonton's Oilers defeated the Minnesota North Stars, 12-8. The game was the highest scoring NHL game to date.



New College Scholarship Program to Reward Outstanding Employees

Help your outstanding student employees get more money for college by encouraging them to apply for NSGA's new retailer/team dealer member benefit - the NSGA College Scholarship Program.


The deadline to apply is January 27, 2012, so please help spread the word about this program aimed at establishing sporting goods as a preferred employment destination.  Applicants should be top students across the country who currently, or in the past, have worked for an HDA hockey dealer, NSGA retailer or team dealer member.


To aid in your promotion of the program to your student employees, we created a flyer for you to post on your store's employee bulletin board or forward in a staff email. Please click here to download and print the flyer. 


Applications and more information can be found at www.nsga.org/collegescholarship. Please contact Chuck Suritz at csuritz@nsga.org or by phone at (800)815-5422, ext. 130, if you have any questions about the program.


New NSGA All-Star Awards Seek Nominations

Are you interested in getting recognition for your work in the community, your innovative practices, or your overall efforts in front of your peers at the 2012 NSGA Management Conference? If so, take time to submit your project for the inaugural NSGA All-Star Awards Program.


The awards that will be presented in 2012 include:


Community Collaboration All-Star Award


Retailer/Team Dealer All-Star Award


Vendor Partner All-Star Award


Industry Catalyst All-Star Award


Learn more about each of the awards by visiting www.nsga.org/allstarawards. Nominations must be made by NSGA members, which all HDA members are, but the winner need not be a member.


For more information on the awards program, please contact NSGA's Special Projects Coordinator, Erin Goodchild, by calling (800) 815-5422, ext. 132, or by emailing egoodchild@nsga.org.


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