October 2011

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             The Annual Business of Hockey Report 

The Hockey Dealers Association has just finished compiling The Annual Business of Hockey Report, the inaugural compilation of hockey-specific data produced by the National Sporting Goods Association. Included in the Report are sales data, management costs experienced by small retailers, used equipment sales and hockey participation numbers.


The report is a member benefit and will be mailed to all HDA members in October. If you are not a member, you may purchase the report for $190 by downloading an order form posted on the HDA website, click here.

FREE Webinar

Whether hiring permanent sales staff or seasonal help for holiday shopping demands, it's always a challenge to hire the right people for the job. Join us for a FREE webinar by Harry J. Friedman, Retail Authority and Founder/CEO of The Friedman Group, to learn...

  • Where to start, what to look at and why 
  • Why focusing on payroll cost percentage over customer experience can kill your business
  • How controlling just one metric will change your feelings about staffing levels forever
  • The fundamental relationship between sales presentations and staffing
  • Why you shouldn's care if a salesperson is on the floor for two hours with nothing to do
  • The crucial difference between understaffed and under-served
  • Why so many retailers are wasting good talent and what to do about it
  • Why high-priced consulting firms almost always get staffing wrong


Retail Staffing - Does Anybody Ever Get it Right?


Tomorrow  - Wednesday, October 5, 2011


11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT





Source For Sports Partners with   Stopconcussions.com  

Source for Sports (SFS) has announced their partnership with stopconcussions.com. This partnership supports their new Head Zone Program that is intended to bring awareness to the cause and effects of concussions in sports. SFS is encouraging all hockey players to bring their helmets to one of their stores for inspection and fitting assessment. The helmets may be purchased from any source.


Continuing on the topic of concussions, researchers at the University of North Carolina have stated that mouth guards are effective in preventing dental injuries, but there is no credible evidence to indicate that the mouth guards help prevent concussions. Click here for more information.

Positive Forecast for Holiday Sales

According to the Hay Group, a highly respected consulting group, 68% of retailers expect holiday sales to increase this year. Regarding hiring, 67% will hire the same level of seasonal workers as last year. An overwhelming majority indicated they are not planning on offering deeper discounts on Black Friday (89%) or Cyber Monday (94%).

Let's Play Hockey Show

Dan Kasen, Co-Managing Director of HDA, will be attending the Let's Play Hockey Show in Las Vegas this month. Dan will be there to visit with members and scout out the newest products  exhibitors have to offer. The November issue of The HockeyVoice  will include some of Dan's discoveries. 

New Products

We are asking our manufacturer subscribers to submit a brochure of your new or improved products to the HDA headquarters in Mt. Prospect, IL. A Directory of New Hockey Products and Accessories will be compiled and distributed to members. In addition, products will be highlighted on the HDA website. Deadline for receipt of brochures or new product releases is November 30. Please send by email to HDA@nsga.org. 

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Retail membership begins at $125/year, Manufacturer membership is $545/year.  Join between today and December 31 and receive benefits until December 31, 2012. Visit www.hockeydealersassociation.org. or call 1-(800)-815-5422 ext.127 to join today.




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The Annual Business of Hockey Report
Free Webinar
Source For Sports Partners with Stopconcussions.com
Positive Forecast for Holiday Sales
Let's Play Hockey Show
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