September 2011

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Free Webinar on Employee Motivation 

Just a reminder. You are invited to attend and participate in a free webinar on your computer on Wednesday, September 7. It will take place from 11:00 - 11:45 am Pacific Time. Just click here, if you have not already registered. You will learn effective techniques to help you generate more sales and service from your employees. 

The NSGA Sports Participation Report in 2010: Series II Findings

As a surprise to no one, household income has a significant impact on participation in ice hockey. The most current research from the NSGA Sports Participation Report for 2010 reveals that the top three ranges account for 71.2% of the participation universe.


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The report also indicates that males make up almost 80% of hockey participation. So if your customers comprise more than 80% male, you may be under marketing to the female market.  Or maybe a concerted effort is required by hockey businesses in the area to generate interest in ice hockey leagues for women.


Hockey gender 

Using the Internet to Learn about Your Competition

How are your competitors attracting traffic to their websites? Which sites are linking to their websites? The information is free on the Internet if you know where to look. Visit and you will find out if your competitors have purchased paid search ads and which words they have purchased. Go to Yahoo's Site Explorer page and you will find out who is linking to their websites. It is also a great place to find out about links to your website.

For more information about paid search and online advertising, click here.

Do You Give Your New Employees a Great Experience?

Retail consultant Doug Fleener has some excellent ideas about making the new employee feel welcome and productive:

  1. Staff up the first few days, so that you do not depend on floor coverage for the new employee for at least a week.
  2. Get all their paperwork completed before they start their first day.
  3. Throw a welcome party.
  4. Make sure the new employee gets undivided attention.
  5. Have them spend time on the floor observing several hours, each day of the first week.
  6. Mentor them up with another person on their level....and not the person they will be reporting to. 

Most Popular Searches on Ebay (September 3, 2011)  

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Support Hockey! Make Your Business Better!

Join the Hockey Dealers Association today and take advantage of the special membership offer. Annual membership is $125.  Join today and receive membership for the balance of 2011 and all of 2012 for $156. Call 800-815-5422 x 130 or visit the website at 




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Do You Give Your New Employees a Great Experience?
Most Popular Searches on Ebay
Support Hockey! Make Your Business Better!


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