June 2011

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Price Isn't Everything to Your Customers  

In a recent survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, the per- ceptions of value were found to play a large role in the behavior of consumers.These perceptions of value included price, experience, trust, assortment, return policies, product research, delivery cost and loyalty.


While price was the most important value perception for the money, the other factors listed above helped to form an overall perception of value.The takeaway is that you do not have to commoditize your products and your store, mentioning only price, if you address and promote the other value factors. 

Google Ranking of Your Website  

Google is still the number one search engine for finding websites. As you may know, Google has a confidential set of algorithms that determine where on the search page your company website will be listed. It is generally agreed that your company should strive to be on the first page, and of course as close to the top as possible.  Your company's position on the Google pages is heavily influenced by the number of quality links to your website.


The latest research from Alexa, generally acknowledged as one of the top website analyst organizations, indicates that Hockey Monkey leads the industry with 213 links to their site. Hockey Giant has 152 links, followed by Total Hockey with 78 links.

Hockey Player Concussion Assessments 

You may remember in earlier issues of The HockeyVoice, when we discussed research on ways to prevent concussions in hockey with specific attention to age vulnerability.

In this issue, we will share recent research about assessing when a hockey player that has been diagnosed with a concussion can safely return to the ice. Dr. Barry Willer, a member of the University at Buffalo Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Department, has done extensive research on hockey injuries.He recently authored an article published in Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine.

Dr. Willer states that premature return to a sport after a concussion greatly increases the risk of a follow-up concussion. At the UB Concussion Clinic, an assessment procedure to determine readiness to return to play was created and tested.The procedure was tested for reliability and consistency, while 32 health care professionals were asked to review the structured exercise sessions. All of the professionals came up with the very same conclusion regarding readiness.

All that was required was a heart rate monitor and a treadmill.  For more information, please visit: http://www.ubortho.buffalo.edu/concussion/index.html 

Social Media and Your Website

According to Hubspot's State of Inbound Marketing Report, Facebook is the clear winner  in creating consumer traffic for your business. Company blogs came in second place, followed by Twitter and Linkedin.

If you don't have a company blog yet, please visit www.wordpress.com. It's free. By the way, if you type in the word hockey in their search engine, you will find that the search engine has identified 361,096 Wordpress blogs that contain the word hockey.  

How an Automated External Defibrillator Saved a Young Hockey Player's Life

Take a couple of minutes to look at the video of a recent CBS broadcast about a hockey player whose heart stopped after being hit in the chest with a hockey puck:



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Google Ranking of Your Website
Hockey Player Concussion Assessments
Social Media and Your Website
How an Automated External Defibrillator
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Based on the total product listings on Ebay, here are the top 5 largest stores:


1. Play Moore Hockey  Go Figure

2. The Goaliecrease

3. Stick Fix Texas   South

4. HockeyPlusMore

5. Big Shooter Sports


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