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Do-It-Yourself Research  

To get an accurate picture of how your website is being used, do what the professionals do.  They invite several customers to their clients' stores and ask them to use the website while being videotaped.  At the same time, key questions are asked to determine ease of use, as well as knowledge of content on home page.  In addition customers are asked what they like best and what they like least on the current site, and what their favorite websites are and why.


Youth Ice Hockey Concussions  

An excellent article regarding concussions in youth ice hockey was just published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.  The article's key points are below: 

  1. The vast majority of concussions and hockey injuries in general at  all levels of play are caused by legal body checking.
  2. Concussion is a common, serious injury in youth ice hockey, affecting up to 25% of players per season by one estimate.
  3. USA Hockey is considering a rule change to raise the age of permissible body checking to at least the ages of 13-14.  Currently the minimal age group is ages 11-12.
  4. USA Hockey Sub-committee on Body Checking believes skill development is retarded by body checking.
  5. In contrast to this point of view, Hockey Canada believes body checking helps develop players.
  6. The Canadian Academy of Sports and Exercise Medicine calls for body checking to be eliminated from all levels of minor hockey --- only beginning in elite Rep or All Star leagues in the 16-17 year age group.

The Most Popular Items in Ice Hockey equipment. Amazon.com (May 5, 2011)

  1. Mylec Deluxe Goal Set
  2. Franklin NHL Mini Hockey Goal Set
  3. Vinyl Marking Tape 2" x 36 yards by Tape Brothers
  4. Electrical Tape 3/4" x 66' UL/CSA by Tape Brothers
  5. Franklin NHL Set of 2 Mini Hockey Goals 
  6. Beeman Tibet Almond Stick
  7. Mylec All purpose Steel Goal - 52in x 43in x 28in
  8. NHL SX COMP 1020 Street Hockey Stick by Franklin
  9. Mylec Pro Style Mini Hockey Goal Set 
  10. Set of Hockey Blades - Set of 3 - Hockey by Shield

Free Photo Shoot by Google

Google is now sending photographers to your store for free.  The photographers are taking shots of the interiors of stores for inclusion on Google Places.  In the March issue of The HockeyVoice, we discussed how you can take advantage of Google Places.

The program is starting slowly, so limited cities are being served at this time.  However, at some point, every major city will be served by  the new program.

To obtain this free photography, please click here:


You may, of course, supply your own photography.  

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Youth Ice Hockey Concussions
Most Popular Items in Ice Hockey Equipment
Free Photo Shoot by Google
2010 Hockey Participation Numbers Now Available
Not a Member Yet?

2010 Hockey Participation Numbers Now Available


Please call Dan Kasen at

800-815-5422 ext. 108

or email him at dkasen@nsga.org


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