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Issue #15

Dr David Simon 1951-2012
Greetings and Love, 

On January 31, my teacher and mentor, Dr. David Simon, passed peacefully from this earth after his 20 month battle with a Glioblastoma brain tumor.  He was only 60 years old.

He embodied the qualities of love, joy and humor that define all great teachers.  He was the co-founder of the Chopra Center for Well-being and the author and co-author of 12 books that dealt with mind-body medicine, emotional healing and Ayurveda.  Since his self-diagnosis in June 2010, he was a neurologist and did in fact diagnose his own brain tumor, his theme in all of his teachings has been live life with LOVE and HAPPINESS.

One of his favorite poets was the Sufi Master Hafiz.  This was one of his favorite Hafiz poems and he quoted it often:
all this time 
the sun never says to the earth, 
"You owe me." 
what happens
with a love like that -
It lights the whole world.

In the last 20 months of his life he stressed the importance of LOVE and HAPPINESS.  As he said many times, ask yourself, 

"What can I do today that will bring more love, more happiness, into my life and those around me?  Don't waste time on things that don't have value-at the end, all that matters is how we loved."

So in memory of Dr. Simon, I dedicate this issue of Live Ayurveda to LOVE and HAPPINESS.  We all deserve it.  It is our birthright.    






"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,  

there is a field. I'll meet you there."    ~Rumi ♥
                     Remembering David Simon
Remembering David Simon

On the Wings of Love - Fusion of Rumi and Hafiz poetry
On the Wings of Love - Fusion of Rumi and Hafiz poetry


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Remembering David Simon
On The Wings of Love
Healing the Heart June 1-3, 2012
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Healing the Heart
June 1-3, 2012
Carlsbad, CA
Emotional pain takes many forms: the grief of loss, overwhelming stress and anxiety, major or chronic depression, job burnout, feeling stuck or trapped, heart break, lingering guilt, regret, fear of trusting again, pent-up anger, worry about the future, and shame from the past.

If you want to break free from the past and experience emotional freedom, we invite you to join us at the Healing the Heart workshop.  

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*Lunch and Dinner Included

To receive this discounted rate contact Nicole Bondurant at the Chopra Center at 760.494.1629 and mention my name when you enroll.


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