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Coach's Corner

 Over the past 4 years I have been coaching, teaching, and assisting young men develop the necessary skills needed for their adult development. I am currently certified with AAU and USA hockey and coach at the 14U age travel level. I have been extremely fortunate to have coached some of the top youth inline and ice hockey players/ teams in the Southeast.

Over time, I created a simple list of guidelines that were developed specifically to assist me in coaching. But to my amazement, I have found them to be even more effective as a small business owner in the highly competitive
telecommunications industry.

Each month, I plan to discuss a simple guideline that I hope you find as beneficial and effective with your business as I have.


This month's guideline: 

Don't be afraid to take the more difficult path. Parents often fret when we play up an age group or level (ex. AA playing AAA). In most cases, you get your tail spanked. But these are often some of the best teaching / learning moment for kids. They see and experience the game from a different perspective and obtain an ideological grasp on what we are coaching and what needs to be achieved to be successful. It is very similar as a small business owner. To be successful, you often have to step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes learning and deploying new methods or products can lead to failure on a specific task but it often helps enlighten both you and your business yielding greater growth and even potentially providing better solutions for your customers. As an entrepreneur, don't hesitate to take a challenge simply because you might fail at it.


Coach Scott





Earthlink July 


Charter Cable : Light Speed Duo Offer Available




The Light Speed Duo with PRI volume pricing offers consists of:


  • a packaged offer of Fiber Internet and PRI for NEW customers,
  • a PRI offer for EXISTING fiber customers,
  • or a volume discount for MULTIPLE PRIs purchased.


Offers provide up to a 20% discount on Fiber Internet, up to 33% on each PRI and free DIDs and up to 5,000 min long distance for PRI at a minimum 36 month term. Discounts are off standard monthly rates and do not cease after contract expires. 




























Hosted IP PBX - Easy Polycom phones added to the customer for as low as $10 per month


Windstream Ethernet Promo's




Below are the Internet only promotional rates:
















New PRI Minutes of Use plans for TWC Sales Partners

TWC Logo   

Time Warner Cable Business Class is pleased to announce the launch of the PRI Long Distance (LD) Minutes of Use (MOU) plans, which allow businesses to lower their monthly PRI long distance costs.  Three distinct MOU packages are available to address a wide range of businesses' LD usage needs; 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000-minute packages. This new structure strengthens our PRI offering providing a very attractive voice solution for your customers.


Product Availability

Time Warner Cable Business Class PRI services and LD Minutes of Use packages are now available in all TWC markets.*


*PRIs over DOCSIS are not available in the Los Angeles market.  PRI service is not yet available in Hawaii market.


Product Details

LD Minutes of Use Packages


These packages increase the value our PRI service by enabling customers to select the LD option right for them.  The packages:

  • Apply to PRI intrastate and interstate minutes
  • Provide the ability to upgrade/downgrade the package as customers' LD usage needs change
  • Display all rated and included (free) calls in the On Line Account Detail
  • Allow for removal of the package at anytime with no penalty

Product Pricing for LD Minutes of Use Packages

Minutes of Use

(MOU) Packages



Effective LD Rate

LD Rate above the package limit





Standard intrastate and interstate LD rates






Standard intrastate and interstate LD rates






Standard intrastate and interstate LD rates



Business Rules

  •          Sold to new or existing customers; existing customers require a contract renewal
  •          Sold as one MOU package per PRI trunk group with full (23B+D) PRI(s)
  •          1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 year term;  1-year term to be used with PRI renewals only
  •          No discounts on the MOU package MRC


Target Customer

  •          Medium size businesses with PBXs that are looking for an alternate solution that will work with their current PRI-compatible phone equipment.
  •          Any customer who would benefit from getting all their communication services from a single provider, with bundle and term discounts available
  •          Customers who are looking for alternatives to relying on the local phone company


Marketing Positioning/Messaging

Our marketing message for Business Class PRI LD Minutes of Use packages focuses on our offering flexible, tailored solutions to our customers:

With options like PRI LD Minutes of Use, TWCBC provides flexible, tailored communication solutions based on your business needs.


Available Product and Marketing Materials

The following resources are available to support the availability of Business Class PRI LD Minutes of Use packages:


Product Materials/Information:

  •          BC MOU Sales and Product Overview:  Attached and posted on Partner Portal
  •          PRI Long Distance Minutes of Use Packages Q&A:  Attached and posted on Partner Portal