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May 2012
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Poa Annua / Poa Trivialis
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The Sun is starting to show it's face more and we have been noticing some changes in lawns. 

Poa AnnuaPoa annua/Poa Trivialis


We are starting to see a lot of native grasses this spring. Our cooler than normal temperatures and increased rain fall are creating the perfect growing conditions. We are seeing Poa Annua (annual bluegrass) Flowering right now and some Poa Trivialis (rough stalk bluegrass, no seed heads growing taller).  Seed heads will fall off and lay in the soil waiting to germinate this fall and start the process all over again. With regular mowing you can achieve the "illusion" of a lawn without weed grasses. We employ a Weed Grass Control Program (WGCP) that deals with this growth and germination. This is the only way to control the growth and germination of "off type" grasses.  If you want to get on the WGCP, it consists of 2 spring, 1 fall and 1 winter application. You could start now if it is really bothering you or wait until fall to get the germination.  If you start now you may need to reseed because the product used is pretty hard on the poa grass plants and your lawn will thin out a bit.  Either way, once you start on the WGCP you should stay on it. If you don't, the native grasses will come back in a year. They grow really well here from October thru March.


MoleMole Activity


We have been seeing and hearing about a lot of Mole activity. We offer trapping for Moles. We will set the traps for $30.00 and only charge $30.00 per mole caught. We will check traps regularly at no charge until we catch the mole causing damage to your lawn. The mole is buried in the hole and the smell deters other moles from inhabiting the existing tunnels for a while. Contact our office at the first signs of activity and we will be out ASAP!


Referrals Made Easy!


We feel our great service and results will impress all our new clients. We appreciate any customer referrals and we won't let you down. Please give your VIP cards to anyone you feel would benefit from our services. You will receive $25.00 cash for each referral (No Limit!) that takes advantage of a comprehensive program. Your referral will receive a FREE Lawn inspection and a Free Micro-Nutrient Application!


With the click of the mouse you can refer on line @  can use Facebook or Twitter to refer your friends and family. It is quick and easy. If you have any questions on how to use the web site please call 503-212-4888. Thank you in advance for your referrals.

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