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April 2012

We have completed the 2nd application of the Weed Grass control, you will be seeing more whiting on the "off type" grasses in your lawn.  If more than 30% of your lawn is "bad grasses" and turns white, you may want to consider a "Lawn Rejuvenation /Slice Seeding".  This process includes a core aeration, the slice seeding with thatching action, debris removal and starter fertilizer.  All of these services will be completed on the same visit to your property.  Early spring application timing will be accelerated to ensure the best possible seed germination.  As a bonus, for anyone ordering the Lawn Rejuvenation/Slice Seeding, we will apply a special formulation of RoundUp to the off-type weed grass areas at NO CHARGE to make sure they are HISTORY! 


Contact us anytime via phone or email for Rejuvenation pricing and details or to schedule for your lawn. We will only be able to accept the first 50 orders for rejuvenations this spring.  Deadline for ordering is April 13th.


The next application is the Spring Fertilizer.

Poa Trivialis / Crane Fly Larvae
Poa Trivialis 

Soil temperatures are starting to increase ever so slowly.  This is causing a delay in spring growth of turf grasses (chosen varieties) and the increase in "off type grass" growth.  Most lawns are experiencing some amount of an "off type" called Poa Trivialis (rough stalk bluegrass).  Currently this grass type is sending up shoots and elongating, which means it is growing taller than Ryegrass and Fescues and taking full advantage of the limited sunlight we are experiencing.  This growth will slow with warmer temps. Our chosen varieties will also start to grow more aggressively when the soil temps reach 55 degrees or so. (60 degrees during the day, no cooler than 40 degrees at night for a period of two weeks).  According to long range forecasting, this should happen by the 3rd week of April.


Crane Fly


Cranefly damage #1 2012
Crane Fly Damage 2012



Another issue, Crane Fly Larvae LOVE to chew on our chosen varieties and don't like the native grasses like Poa Trivialis, Poa Annua and Native Creeping Bentgrass. (see photos). Normally when our chosen varieties are growing well under normal weather conditions we can tolerate as many as 10-12 larvae per square foot.  Since there is nothing "Normal" about this spring, the Crane Fly Larvae are causing more visible damage.  We are always inspecting for Crane Fly Larvae.  When damage is detected and an application is warranted, we will set up a Spring Curative Application for your lawn.  Remember, to protect beneficial insects, microorganisms and earth worms, it is our environmental policy to ONLY apply insect control when it is required or requested to protect your turf!  Insect control is not included in any of our programs and is billed at the time of service (BATS).  It is also price to all prepaid program customers.


Thanks for reading! If all of you could please do your best "Sun Dance" maybe that would help put an end to this current weather pattern and get us on the road to spring like conditions.





Crane fly 5 minutes after application
Crane Fly 5 min. after application
Crane fly 24 hours after application
Crane Fly 24 hrs after application





















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