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The Grass AuthorityJanuary 2012


Dear (Contact First Name),

Happy New Year!!! 

 We are very excited for this year!  With new fertilizer technology and new-generation chemistries available this year, our programs will be providing the best possible nutrient packages for your lawn. These products that we use are cutting edge and are not available in stores!  Tell all your friends :-) 


Also, below is a copy of the insert we have attached to your Iron application invoice that you will be receiving in the next couple of weeks.

Important message regarding Weed Grass Control Program (WGCP)


Starting with spring 2012 WGCP applications 1 & 2, we will be using a new generation product for the control of existing "off type" grasses. (Annual Bluegrass, Creeping Bentgrass and Velvet Grass) Based on our test applications last fall, if you are on the WGCP you should expect to see more yellowing / whitening of the bad grasses as this new product seeks them out and starts to work. This IS the result we are looking for!

We do want you to be aware that in lawns with a high percentage of bad grasses, a Lawn Renovation / Slice seeding may be required. This is the best way to reestablish the "chosen" grass type for your exposure and growing environment. This is also the best way to improve your turf grass stand to further out-compete bad grasses for a healthier lawn, long term. On lawns with a lower percentage of "off type" grasses you may be able to perform a "spot fix" of the affected areas and then overseed the balance of the lawn to blend the color and texture of your chosen variety of grass.

These are time & weather sensitive applications. If you are not on our WGCP and would like to take advantage of the new product please contact us before the first of February to schedule.

Thank you very much! Contact us anytime for application and/or pricing information.





Referrals Made Easy!


We feel our great service and results will impress all our new clients. We appreciate any customer referrals and we won't let you down. Please give your VIP cards to anyone you feel would benefit from our services. You will receive $25.00 cash for each referral (No Limit!) that takes advantage of a comprehensive program. Your referral will receive a FREE Lawn inspection and a Free Micro-Nutrient Application!

With the click of the mouse you can refer on line @ can use Facebook or Twitter to refer your friends and family. It is quick and easy. If you have any questions on how to use the web site please call 503-212-4888. Thank you in advance for your referrals. 
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