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Oct 2011


Just a quick application update.   We have started our Fall Core Aerations and Fall Lime Applications. We will be starting our Weed Grass Control Program*(WGCP) very soon. If any of these services were recommended to you on your Mid Summer Inspection Report and you have not contacted our office to schedule, please do so at your earliest convenience.


*If you are on our WGCP please be advised the whitening and control of "off type" grasses will occur in the spring of 2012. Some seeding, possibly slice seeding, may be required on lawns with high levels of weed grasses present. We will monitor your lawn and the effect on the weed grasses in the spring after the second spring application and keep you posted on any seeding requirements.


We are constantly monitoring all lawns for Crane Fly Larvae and Insect damage. If application is required to protect your turf we will leave you detailed application information when completed. It is our environmental policy to only apply insect control when it is required to protect beneficial organisms and earthworms.


Our Late Summer Fertilizer application timing was perfect this year. The lawns are recovering well from the summer. For best results, please keep up the mowing the best you can (in between rain showers) until the growth slows in November. Always try and cut your lawn at 2 " all year long!


Prepayment for 2012 on your Lawn Services


Please note the prepayment discount structure sent with your renewal letter for 2012 programs and services. Please send payments prior to the end of October to secure the 10% discount. We do accept Visa and Master Card (debit and credit) if that makes it easier for you! Thanks in advance for your prepayments.

Referrals Made Easy!


We feel our great service and results will impress all our new clients. We appreciate any customer referrals and we won't let you down. Please give your VIP cards to anyone you feel would benefit from our services. You will receive $25.00 cash for each referral (No Limit!) that takes advantage of a comprehensive program. Your referral will receive a FREE Lawn inspection and a Free Micro-Nutrient Application!

With the click of the mouse you can refer on line @ can use Facebook or Twitter to refer your friends and family. It is quick and easy. If you have any questions on how to use the web site please call 503-212-4888. Thank you in advance for your referrals. 


Leisa Aden


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