With the onset of warmer weather forcasted this weekend and then cooler weather next week we thought this information would come in useful in keeping your lawn looking its very best!
Proper watering instructions:
When watering is required it is suggested that you water heavily but infrequently.  In the Summer months your lawn needs 1 1/2" of water per week to be healthy.  A suggested weekly watering schedule would be  Monday and Thursday in the A.M. one start at 5:00 AM to supply 3/8" of water and then again at 9:00 AM to supply 3/8" of water.  Doing this twice a week would equal 1 1/2".  If you don't have an irrigation system, try watering one time a week.  Run the sprinkler to supply 3/4 of water, shut if off and wait 2-4 hours and repeat the run time to supply the other 3/4" of water.


 Also, with the warmer weather we will be seeing some "Pythium Blight" disease show up.  This is most severe when day time temperatures are above 90 degrees with humidity that persists into  the evening.  Our slow release fertilizer helps keep the grass healthy and better able to with stand "Pythium Blight" disease.  Night time watering can increase the leaf wetness period to lead to the disease.  Ensure that when mowing the lawn it is mowed at a high (2 1/2") level and dry, preferably in the morning allowing the grass blades time to heal.  Also, early evening mowing will increase the chance of pythium blight as will a dull lawnmower blade.


Pythium Blight"Pythium Blight"


 If you see this starting on your lawn, be sure to contact us as soon as possible. 

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As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our office at anytime.


Leisa Aden
Office Manager
The Grass Authority
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