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Rain, rain, go AWAY! It has been very wet and some lawns are struggling a bit right now. We have completed our early season applications of Iron and Lime. We have started our first round of fertilization this week. We are on schedule. We just need some SUN! Lawns that are wet, thin and muddy will rebound quickly when we get a stretch of dry weather and daytime temperatures in the 60's for a couple of weeks. Your Spring Core Aeration (if on order) will help speed the recovery as well.

*************CRANE FLY ALERT************

 crane fly


We are also finding and treating for Crane Fly Larvae on lawns. On each visit to your lawn during the early part of the season our technicians are always inspecting for insect damage. We are on it! In the last three weeks we have noticed an increase in findings and activity. When the larvae move up in the soil and start feeding on your grass they get bigger and so do their appetites. They can cause severe thinning of your lawn very quickly.

We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM). To protect beneficial earthworms and microorganisms, it is our environmental policy to only treat for insects when required.


Above is a photo of crane fly larvae after treatment that you can forward to your friends, neighbors or co-workers to make them aware. When the population is large enough they can really thin out a lawn making room for moss, weeds and weed grasses. Now is the best time to treat for insects. Please pass it on!



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