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Jan 2011


(With the latest "Arctic Blast" a bust, we will be starting 2011 services very soon)



This year we are adding programs and services that will better feed the "food web" that is present in your soil and release micronutrients that are "locked up" in the root zone of your lawn. If you are a person that thinks about the impact of your lawn maintenance practices on the environment weekly or daily, you may be interested in some of these environmentally friendly products and services that will improve soil quality for a healthier lawn.

New "Organic Based" lawn care program available

Organic based fertilizers have less nitrogen (N) per pound. To keep your lawn thick and healthy using organic based products requires 3 additional fertilizer applications per season. (Once a month March-October, 8 total) For this years pricing for this program multiply your normal application price by 3 and add that to your current program pricing. If you are interested or you have questions please contact us via phone, email or our web site and we will help get you all set up and assign this NEW program to your account.

Soil testing and reporting

We routinely test the soil on commercial properties. This year we are offering the same service to our residential customers. The soil test will give us a "baseline" for your lawn and soil. We will send a copy of the report to you as well as electronically file a copy in your account screen. Our standard fertilization programs plus our Iron Application with micros supply most of nutrients your lawn will need. Some lawns require a change in the "trace elements" available to the grass plant (more or less) such as Boron, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc and Aluminum. A soil test is the only way to measure the micros in your soil. Our technicians will review each soil test and we will contact you if action is required to adjust your micros to make your lawn look its best. There is a flat rate of $25.00 per soil test from the Lab, no markup on our end.

Mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi) applications

We have been following the development of Mycorrhizae for several years. Finally there is a commercial source for these beneficial fungi and it is right here in Oregon. Turf grass really benefits from the association with these fungi. It attaches to the grass roots and forms a dense network of filaments that provides increased surface area for the exchange of food and water from the soil and then help transport it to the grass plant. These fungi are small, hard to grow and package (the pricing reflects that). They are also best applied at the time of aerification! This year the pricing for your lawn will be the same as the price as a core aeration. If you have an aeration scheduled, contact our office to add this application. If you do not have an aeration scheduled we suggest you add one for this spring along with the mycorrhizae. Order by April 1st please.

Coming soon!!

We are still waiting for state approval on the product that controls

bentgrass in ryegrass lawns. We will keep you posted via email or door bag insert when it is available with pricing and application details.




is a method of modifying your soil profile and smoothing the surface of your lawn at the time of aerification. We are still researching products and awaiting test results. You do NOT want to mix soils and particle sizes in your soil. FYI, topdressing with sand is not recommended for our native soils


Thank you very much. We appreciate your business!



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