Happy Thanksgiving!

A quick application update. We have finished most of our normally scheduled applications for the 2010 season. Your lawn is now prepared for winter and it sounds like winter is coming soon!

In our area, when we get snow, it normally does not stick around long. There are some diseases that will affect lawns if they are covered by snow for a long period of time (see picture below for pink snow mold). If we see a forecast that calls for this type of snow event will will keep you posted and offer preventative applications if warranted. If you ever have a concern or question about your lawn or its condition please give us a call or e-mail.

Here are some other reminders for you to consider:

     If you have not done so already, NOW is the time to winterize your irrigation system.

     Remove all hoses from faucets and cover with insulating covers.

     Drain hoses before storing to prevent damage.

     Close all foundation vents and cover with insulating type inserts.

     Protect any sensitive plants, trees or shrubs.

     Keep leaves picked up off the lawn.

     Don't walk on frozen turf! Ice shards can pierce the grass blade and cause damage to the plant.

     Make sure your pets have a good supply of water (not frozen over) and a warm place to sleep.

     Know where your main water shut off valve is located in case of emergency.

     Find and write down the emergency phone numbers for utility companies in case of power outage.

     Create, add to or confirm the location of an emergency kit at your home and in your car.

    Check on elderly residents in your neighborhood.

    Make sure your car is ready for winter with plenty of window washer fluid that won't freeze.


Guess what name the local press will give this first "Cold snap" or "Arctic blast". [:-)

Pink Snow Mold
Pink Snow Mold 
Have a Great Holiday Season!
From All of Us at The Grass Authority

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