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December, 2011


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I wish all of you a wonderful and blessed holiday season filled with love, laughter and warmth of family and good friends.  


I gave a talk on 2012 at the Lake County Astrological Association's Christmas banquet on December 11th.  108 tickets were sold to this event which is a very symbolic number!  The distance from Earth to Sun is 108 times the Sun's diamater and the distance from Earth to Moon is 108 times the Moon's diamater. Stonghenge is 108 feet in diamater. The interior angles of a pentagon measure 108 degrees each. 108 figures into the golden ratio like this: 2 sin X 108 / 2 = phi. It is no coincidence that there are 108 prayer beads on a Mala. 108 represents the ultimate reality of the universe: one, emptiness, infinate or one thing, no thing, and everything.  I can only hope that I said some things worthy of this number! 
In my talk I looked at 2012 from the perspective of awakening and standing at the precipice of ushering in a new era. 

Here is an exerpt of my talk:

"We all chose to be here now. We all incarnated into these times for a reason. If you believe that as I do, do you sit idly by and let things unfold around you believing we have no power or control and that one person can't make a difference? Ironically that line of belief has been fed to us by the 1% who have been making the differences all along. So do we make a conscious decision to awaken to our purpose for incarnating now, to understanding our little piece of contribution to ushering in this new era that can and will make a difference as each one of us becomes the awakened many?  Ddo we make the conscious choice to be present over the next few years, not stuck in the past of the way things were, but embracing the infinite opportunities and potential that are present in the vast unknown of the apparent chaos around us? Do we have faith in the universe that things are unfolding exactly as they should, that the universe is perfect and on time?  That humanity come to this fork in the road, and can we muster the faith that this is exactly where we are supposed to be, just as we as individuals have experienced many times in our own personal life? And if you look back at your own life and your own personal journey through the many forks in the road where you have risen to the challenge of change, does your personal story echo global themes, or have you learned something profound that changed your perception that has shifted your paradigms? If you awaken your inner sight enough to know that indeed it does, or you wouldn't be here now, you'll find your true path and understand your role in this global shift of consciousness that is going to unfold over the next few years."


It is from that frame of mind of awakening and shifting paradigms that I talked about the path to awakening for each of the signs in 2012.  And you have three signs to follow for deeper insight: your sun sign, moon sign and ascending sign.


If you would like an audio recording of my 90+ minute talk, you can purchase it at my website for $10 as a download, or $17 if burned to CD, packaged, and shipped. You can also hear the first 15 minutes of the lecture for free when you click the link to my website.  


I also have a video on where the find the planets from now until the New Year at my Observational Astrology Blog.


New Year Specials

Discounted Prices Through January 31, 2012

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Your Personal 2012 Overview    $75

 This hour consultation provides insight into your most important transits of 2012 and weaves together the themes that are unfolding for you in the upcoming year. We'll look at all challenges as key initiation points as you embark on your personal journey to awakening and shifting paradigms that get in your own way. This consultation takes place over the phone or at IAA's new office in Rocky River, your choice. You will receive the recording of our consultation as a download within 24 hours.  BOOK BEFORE JANUARY 1ST AND GET THIS CONSULTATION FOR $60. The consultation can take place in January, just book in December.


Mars & Saturn Retrograde Recorded Reading    $30

This 20 minute recording based on your birth chart provides insight into what the upcoming retrogrades of Mars (Jan 23 - April 14, 2012) and Saturn (Feb 7 - June 25) mean for you. This helps you to revise the systems you have in place and take ORGANIZED ACTION (Mars Retrograde in Virgo) toward  BALANCING  YOUR  GOALS for the year and CREATING SOLID FOUNDATIONS IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS of all kinds (Saturn Retrograde in Libra). I will record my insights for you and then send them as a download within one week of your order. ORDER BEFORE JANUARY 1ST AND GET THIS CONSULTATION FOR $25. 


*NOTE: you will receive the Mars & Saturn retrograde insight in the Personal 2012 Overview Consultation plus A LOT more!



Click here to take advantage of these special prices that are good through January 31, 2012.

Here are some comments from my 2012 lecture: 


"Great talk. I'm so glad to hear a positive focus on what is coming up in 2012."

"That was excellent! What you said for my sign is exactly what has been going on with me." 


"What you said for my sign, was right on, I have been through a rough 2.5 years, and do feel like I am really shifting and beginning a new journey."


"This was the first time I've heard you speak and I am very impressed!"


Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year, with gratitude for all of you!

Your Astrologer,

Julene Packer-Louis

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12/22 Ursid Meteor Showe Peaks

12/22 Moon conjunct Mercury

12/23 Mercury reaches Greatest Western Elongation

12/24 New Moon in Capricorn

12/25 Jupiter stations Direct

12/27 Moon conjunct Venus

12/31 First Quarter Moon in Aries


For more information on these events see my Sky Watch column in The Mountain Astrologer  

or my  observational astrology blog which provides a guided tour of the night sky.

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