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November, 2011
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I have a lot of exciting news for this month!  I'm not ever sure where to begin. There are so many things happening at the International Academy of Astrology that I will give that news it's own block so be sure to scroll down.

I will be giving two lectures on 2012 in December.

I will be lecturing on the Eclipses of 2012 for the Annapolis, MD NCGR Yuletide luncheon on December 4th.  The annual winter solstice party will be held at The Double Tree in Annapolis, MD.

I will be lecturing on Sun Signs for 2012 at the Lake County Astrological Association's Christmas banquet on December 11th.  The annual LCAA Christmas party is held at the Pine Ridge Country Club in Wickliffe, Ohio.

I should have recordings of both of these lectures for sale afterwards at my website where you can purchase recordings of all my past lectures.

If you haven't already, please check out my new video blog Observational Astrology.

The blog serves as a guided tour through the night sky each week so you can locate the planets and will be posted every Friday.   Remember you can find my Sky Watch article in The Mountain Astrologer every issue. I'll also be speaking on  Observational Astrology-Reclaiming the Sky and  Chiron-the Archetype of the Shaman  at UAC in New Orleans in May of 2012. This is the United Astrology Congress put on by joint effort of four astrological organizations. The International Society for Astrological Reasearch, the National Council for Geocosmic Research, The Association for Astrological Networking and The Amercian Council of Vedic Astrology.  Also I will be part of  ISAR's Panel on Education for All Org Day at UAC, representing the International Academy of Astrology, of course.   

For the holidays I am giving away a free 90 minute video lecture I did for IAA on the Astronomy that all Astrologers should know. Just pay the shipping. This is only available until the end of the 2011 so act now.


Hot off the Press! Breaking News from IAA

IAA logoEna Stanley, the President & Founder of IAA, the International Academy of Astrology recently moved to the greater Cleveland area. IAA has always existed soley in cyber space and the breaking news is that IAA will now have an office located in Rocky River, Ohio! YAY!   Ena Stanley, Richard Smoot, and I will be available to address all your astrological needs by appointment.  We also plan to hold some workshops, but we have to get moved in first. We should be moved in by month's end and I'll send you a special invitation to attend our grand opening party as soon as we elect when that will be.   


I am also very proud to announce that IAA is about to have its largest graduating class ever!  This will be held online in January and you are welcome to come obsesrve the ceremony and chat with the graduates afterwards. I'll have the details and a link to join the celebration in my next newsletter.

The November/December 2011 Solar & Lunar Eclipses

The Solar Eclipse occurs at the New Moon on Friday, November 25th at 1:10 a.m. EST. The New Moon (Sun & Moon) are at 02-Sagittarius-37 in the tropical zodiac.


The Lunar Eclipse occurs at the Full Moon on December 10th at 9:36 a.m. EST.   The Moon is at 18-Gemini-11 and the Sun at 18-Gemini-11.


So aside from the global chaos occurring around us, that I said enough about with my thoughts on Mercury retrograde - what does this eclipse mean for us in our personal lives? It means speak your Truth in your heart. Listen to those who speak their Truth to you. Communication is a two way street. My husband says there are people who listen and people who are waiting to talk. Be a good listener to those you care about. It is likely you will discover you have different views from those you usually agree with; don't force them to try to convert to your way of thinking as that will lead to anger and resentment. Choose acceptance of the opinions of others even if and especially when you don't agree. We are all entitled to our own opinion and what is important is that we each follow our Truth and accept and respect those who follow their Truth even if it is different than yours.


"Which truth of the matter would you have, sir? There are so many of them." Charles Cotterell


"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." William Blake


I think these are important quotes to remember in these times. While it may seem that there is chaos all over, we must remember that "chaos is what we see when we can't see far enough." What we have here is infinite potential disguised as chaos by the filters of our perception. This eclipse is to teach us to become aware of the filters on our doors of perception, to expand our vision beyond what we can see, and have faith in life and the goodness of humanity.

My Favorite Eclipse Story
There was a war between gods and demons for control of the universe. The gods decided to churn the ocean of milk with the spiritual mountain Mandara to find the nectar of immortality (amrita) that was hidden at the bottom. A demon Vasuki, who was a serpent, helped the gods by being the rope tied to Mandara. When the amrita was found the gods wanted it for themselves and they all lined up to receive the nectar. Vasuki snuck in between the sun & moon and drank it secretly.  The sun and moon complained about this to Vishnu who threw a Sudharashan Chakra (a fiery holy wheel) at Vasuki and cut him in two. Since the serpent Vasuki had already drunk the amrita, he was immortal and could not die, so his head (Rahu - the North Node) and tail (Ketu - South Node) eclipse the sun and moon.


The surface symbolism: The ocean of milk is the cosmic ocean or the milky way galaxy.  Rahu & Ketu coming between the sun and moon is symbolic of the eclipse cycle that occurs twice a year at intervals of 9-11 days shy of 6 months apart, when the new and full moon is in conjunction to one of the lunar nodes.


The deeper symbolism: Interestingly mandarava means murmur, so perhaps churning this ocean produced the "om" sound that existed in the beginning before creation and that is why this is a creation myth. Considering that both a spiritual mountain (good force) and a serpent rope (evil force) were used, both good and evil, light and shadow, are inherent in creation and in a state of primordial balance, reminding me of the Chinese yin/yang symbol.  


Having to churn the ocean for hidden treasures and amrita to rise to the surface is indicative of the gift (treasure) of enlightenment (immortality) we can receive if  READ ON.



 "Just watched the video on your website and really enjoyed it. Clear, concise analytical presentation.."


"Everything was exactly in the timeframe you noted on my charts! Thanks so much!"


Into the Heart of Truth by John McAfee
I highly recommend this book. It was so empowering for me years ago when  stumbled upon it. The focus is on relational yoga and really goes along with these upcoming eclipses. It begins with a few pages entitled "About Truth ... Is there an absolute truth, a fundamel reality that is capable of being perceived, or is all truth relative? If truth is relative, then it is individualistic - it is somehting that is filtered through our individual prejudices and limited by our sense inputs - and it is therefore fragmentary, tainted and incomplete. So can it be truth?" 

Happy Thanksgiving, with gratitude for all of you,

Your Astrologer,

Julene Packer-Louis

My Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde & the #Occupy Movementlecture pic


Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks three times a year when Mercury is in inferior conjunction to the Sun. This means Mercury is between the Sun and Earth.  Since we have been observing Mercury in the evening sky (you know this if you've been watching my video blog) we know his retrogradation is on the horizon.


Mercury is retrograde from November 24 - December 13, 2011. The tropical zodical degrees that Mercury will pass over three times are 3 - 20 Sagittarius. Mercury Retrograde has a shadow period that encompasses the longer time frame of the direct passage through these degrees on either side of the retrograde passage. The shadow period began on November 5, 2011 and ends on Januar 1, 2012. So if you have already been feeling Mercury Retrograde, that is why. :)   


In Vedic astrology these degrees correspond to the Nakshatras Jyeshta (where Mercury stations Retrograde) and Anuradha (the previous Nakshatra Mercury dips back into and stations Direct).    


These Nakshatras are quite different in nature. First of all each Nakshatra has the attribute of being a Deva (divine), Manusha (human), or Rakshasa (demon). Jyeshta is Rakshasa, so it has an underlying energy of eccentricity, independence and breaking conventions.  Anuradha is a Deva so it has an underlying energy of loyalty, devotion and openness. 


Each Nakshatra is ruled by a planet and has a presiding Diety.

Jyeshta is ruled by Mercury and presided over by Indra, supreme ruler of the gods, god of war, thunder & storms, protector of the gods and mankind who wielded a Thunder Bolt. He also brought water to earth which gives fertility associations as well.  


Considering the eviction process of the Occupy movement all over the county and in other parts of the world is occurring during the direct pass of Mercury through Jyeshta I wonder what repercussions will come during the retrograde pass. Especially when we consider the keynote of Jyeshta is to rise and conquer through courage and effort. 


Antares is the fixed star connected to this area of the sky, a Royal Star at the heart of the Scorpion. Now Royal Stars offer success but too they have a nemesis to overcome, which in this case is often going to far leading to self-undoing.   


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