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Keys to Improving Your Relationships
October, 2011
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Autumn is my favorite season. I love witnessing the changing colors of
the leaves on the trees. I love walking in the woods and hearing the leaves
crackel under my feet. The animals are busy gathering acorns and nuts to
get them through the winter.  The beauty around me has inspired me to focus on relataionships this issue, and why not the Sun is in Libra so it's perfect timing. 

I've made several changes recently as well.  Stop by my website if you
haven't been there lately. I've changed the design and would love to know what you think. The aspect calendar and panchanga for October & November are uploaded.

I've also started a new video blog Observational Astrology. The blog will serve as a guided tour through the night sky each week so you can locate the planets.  These will be posted every Friday so you sky watch all weekend long. Remember you can find my Sky Watch article in The Mountain Astrologer every issue. I'll also be speaking on Observational Astrology at UAC in New Orleans in May of 2012.

Classes at the International Academy of Astrology start the week of October 17th. As usual I am teaching DPL01 Forecasting: Pinpointing Major Themes and DPL02 Timing Techniques & Client Consultation.  

If you or anyone you know know is having relationship trouble, please click on the Relationship Insight button in this newsletter to see how I can help. Plus I tell my story about how I used to attract jealous, possessive, control freaks and now have an excellent relationship this is still wonderful after 7 years.  


Relationships & Our Quest for Intamacy

Relationships are the mirror to our self. We look for the reflection of our self in the eyes of another. You attract someone who makes you feel good about you, whether they make you feel pretty, smart, confident, sexy, empowered, adventurous, or whatever it may be. All reflections cast shadows. Eventually the other person starts reflecting back your shadow nature as well. This is when the relationship moves from the magic and butterflies of the 7th into the murky depths of the 8th.


Relationships need to have the safe space at a deeper level of intimacy and enough trust to allow for self exploration so the relationship can evolve as the individuals evolve.


So many relationships get stuck in the 7th house and don't make it to the 8th where there is a choice to "evolve" instead of just "die a slow and painful death" because no one is willing to roll up their sleeves and delve into the muck in the dark, recessed, cobwebbed corners of the psyche. You can't stay in the reflection process forever, eventually you have to get intimate or you'll start looking for another connection, not realizing that new connection won't work either if you just stay in the reflection process of the 7th house. And so it goes... a new relationship and inevitable unfulfillment once the shadows emerge in the 8th house... over & over... round the hamster wheel you go.



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Relationship Consultation 
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 "Thank you Julene. As always, it was a real pleasure. You have a wonderful gift and great spiritual insight."


"Wow...thank you so much for this. You reading did help me a lot to better understand our relationship on a more spiritual level, which is what I needed to know."
"Thanks Julene!  I really enjoyed the reading.  Makes me feel so much better because, while I know down deep I'm on the right track, the little nagging doubts still can plague me!  But it gets better the more I learn to listen to my gut.  Heart opening, heart opening" 



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Alternate Nostril Breath for Balance 
Sit cross legged on the floor or comfortably on a chair with your feel on the ground. Place your right thumb lightly on your right nostril and your right ring finger lightly on your left nostril. Close your left nostril and exhale fully through your right. Then inhale through your right nostril and close it. Exhale fully through your left nostril, and inhale through the left, and close it. Keep repeatingexhale, inhale, switch until you feel restored to balance.  This actually doubles as a good sinus clearing if you have autumn allergies! Keep at it even you can't breathe in too well on one side, you'll see it works.

Your Astrologer,

Julene Packer-Louis
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Relations & Our Quest for Intamacy
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Why NOW Is the Perfect Time to Create Better Relationships


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Both Social Planets Jupiter & Saturn are in signs ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmonizing with another.  


Jupiter retrograde is the perfect time to re-examine the beliefs we hold about relationships that are attaching us to all the wrong relationships, that hurt our self worth instead of providing us with it, to discover all false beliefs, have faith in possibilities, and change our life experience.  


Saturn is exalted in Libra, which is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and do the work to recognize and get rid of the old outworn paradigms that are getting in the way of happy relationships.  


Chiron recently entered Pisces the sign of the dreamer, selflessness, and spiritual evolution. Jupiter is retrograding back to sextile to Chiron providing the opportunity to let go of false beliefs and heal. To find the courage to partake in a hero's journey to face your shadow material, welcome home your lost and frozen fragments that you search for in another and transcend your old relationship patterns.


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