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Julene's Astrology Newsletter & EventsJuly 2011
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New Saros Series - New World View?
Upcoming Astrological Events in the Cleveland Area

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July 2nd 12:00 - 5:00 PM: Metaphysical Fair at Crystal Era Emporium 608 Middle Ave, Elyria, OH


July 24th 12:00 - 5:00 PM: Metaphysical Expo at Emerald Valley 4397 Leavitt Rd, Lorain, OH


July 25th 7:30 - 9:00 PM: Lake County Astrological Association monthly meeting 35400 Chardon Rd, Willoughby Hills, OH



Richard Smoot is speaking on Transits: Their Practical Application and Interpretation at LCAA on July 25th. He is also starting a class on Solar Returns. It will be a 4 week class on the east side beginning in September. More details will be announced as they unfold. If you are interested in learning more about Solar Returns, contact Richard Smoot.



Donna Van Toen will be in Akron, OH to do workshops at Peace Love and Light. 841 N. Main St., Akron, OH.  Pre-register by emailing Lisa  Details of her workshops are below.
 Donna Van Toen Workshops
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July 31 - August 4

July 31st 10:00 - 5:00: Understanding Transits $50 pre-registered, $60 at the door

Ever wonder why some transits just don't seem to do much of anything? Or why sometimes big things seem to happen without any transit at all? Does the sheer volume of information sometimes overwhelm you? This workshop just might be what you're looking for. We'll look at stations, lunations, transits to midpoints, and regular old transits --- including some of the transits of the personal planets that nobody ever seems to look at. Bring your chart as well as a transit listing.

Aug 2nd & 4th 7:00 - 9:00:  Working with Asteroids $25 each session, $40 pre-registered, $50 at the door.

Learn how to use asteroids, when to use asteroids, and when to simply ignore them. Also learn which asteroids have counterparts that can be used almost interchangeably. Session one will cover the how-to; you will also get a reference sheet listing meanings of many of the major asteroids. In session two, we will cover two of the more "interesting" asteroids --- Toro the macho man and Lilith the bitch --- and yes she means babe in total control of herself! We'll also differentiate between asteroid Lilith and the Dark Moon and Black Moon Lilith placements. Bring your chart along with the asteroid printout from Solar Fire or equivalent.


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Upcoming Cyber Workshops at IAA
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Attend from Home

$25 each 


Aug 13th 12:00 - 4:00PM EDT: Lunar Phases & Spiritual Growth with Eric Meyers

The Lunar Phases are one of the least explored, but most relevant of all astrology factors. The position of the Sun and Moon in the birth chart determines how much light the Moon has. Dark moons function quite differently from brighter ones; waxing moons have a different orientation than waning. We will explore how the important issue of lunar phases clarifies the essential partnership between Sun and Moon. Bringing in this layer of nuance adds greater depth to our analysis, one that is very powerful and necessary. This workshop will introduce the Sun and Moon in this spiritual context, and its application to the lunar phases. We will use willing attendees' charts for examples. We will also review some of the astrology literature on this important issue. Learn how your Sun and Moon work together in your personal evolution.


Aug 13th 5:00 - 9:00 PM EDT:  Finding Purpose in the Natal Chart: Vocational Astrology with Tom Chaplin & Linda Furiate

Your vocation is more than a description of your job - it's a reflection of who you are and what you feel drawn or guided to do. But in order to find meaning and purpose in your job or to transition into a more rewarding career, the energies in the natal chart need to be completely understood. Managing your career is a critical function to career satisfaction and success. In this four-hour workshop, we'll explore how you can use your own chart to identify your inner passion. You'll discover how your birth chart can function as a reliable guide to help you manage, maintain and develop your career. You'll also learn important career management strategies you can take with you for life. There will be lots of sample charts to interpret. Plus, there will also be plenty of time for a look at the charts of those in attendance.


Register at IAA.


Dear Friends, 


Happy Fourth of July!  As you are waiting for the fireworks to begin after sunset, look to the western sky.  Mercury and Saturn will be visible along with the moon. If you'd like a sky map to locate these planets please visit my website.  


Last month I gave three lectures. I was at the Midwest Astrology Conference from June 3rd to 5th where I lectured on The Vertex and the Law of Attraction. On June 25th I gave a workshop at IAA on The Art of Astrological Timing. On June 27th I spoke at LCAA on Solar Returns.


You can order a recording of my Vertex lecture, and all of the other excellent lectures from the MAC Conference at A-C Tapes.  Over the weekend, my workshop on timing will become available for purchase at the International Academy of Astrology.


There are a few astrology workshops, classes and events coming up in the Cleveland area and online so please be sure to check those out.

Have a safe & happy Independence Day everyone!

Love & Light,




Planet Watch for July 2011 


Mercury is visible in the evening sky just after sunset for most of this month and travels through the constellation Cancer into the beginning of constellation Leo. Look just above the WNW horizon after sunset. On July 3rd, look for Mercury to the right of a slender crescent moon.  The stars in Cancer are very dim, so if you do see a star to the right of the moon, you are actually observing Mercury.  Mercury sets around 10:10 PM for the first half of July. By the end of July he will set around 9:30 PM .


Saturn is visible all month long in the constellation Virgo. As the sky darkens look for Saturn to become visible above the SW horizon.  On July 1st Saturn sets around 1:15 AM. The ringed planet sets around 11:30 PM at the end of the month. The moon passes below Saturn to help you locate the planet. On July 6th Saturn will be above and left of the Moon.  On July 7th, Saturn will be above and right of the Moon.


Jupiter can be located in the constellation Aries. Jupiter rises around 2:30 AM on July 1st around 1:45 AM on July 15th and around 12:45 AM on July 31st. Locate Jupiter to the right of the Moon on July 24th.


Mars rises in the ENE in the middle of the constellation Taurus around 4:00 AM on July 2nd. He will travel through this constellation during July. On July 31st he rises around 3:30 AM between the horns of Taurus the Bull and the feet of the Gemini Twins. Locate Mars just below the moon on the morning of July 27th.


Venus rises in the ENE around 5:30 AM between the horns of Taurus and the feet of Gemini on July 2nd. She will travel all the way through Gemini this month but loose visibility around the middle of the month. On July 15th Venus rises in mid-Gemini around 5:45 AM.

If you are up before dawn, you can locate Jupiter, Mars & Venus in the morning sky. Look east. Jupiter is bright planet that will be high above the eastern horizon. Venus will be the bright planet low along the horizon. Mars will be between them near the red star Aldabaran, the eye of the Bull. Mars is much dimmer than Jupiter & Venus. In fact Mars is even dimmer than Aldabaran. Since both objects are red, they may be hard to distinguish. So know that the star is brighter and to the right of Mars.


Also another good trick for telling planets apart from stars is that stars twinkle and planets don't. The reason for this is that stars shine by their own light because nuclear fusion occurs at their cores, just like our Sun which is also a star. Planets shine because they reflect the light of the Sun, just like the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. Venus and Jupiter are the brightest planets because their atmosphere is made up of highly reflective gasses.


If you happen to see shooting stars around the end of the month, this is the Delta Aquarid meteor shower that is active from July 12 to August 23. The shooting stars will appear to stem from the southern portion of the constellation Aquarius. Aquarius will be fully above the horizon at 11:30 PM and that is when you might start to see some meteors. The best nights to observe the Delta Aquarids is from July 28 - July 30 when the peak activity occurs. The best time on these nights is around 3:00 AM when the shower is as high as possible in the sky. Astronomers predict about 16-20 meteors per hour at the peak time and dates that will streak across our atmosphere at a speed of 25 miles per second.


What causes meteor showers? As comets travel through space, they leave trails of dust and debris. This debris is rocks and ice that hang out in space. As Earth orbits the sun, it passes through the debris left behind by comets. Some of these rocks and blocks of ice are captured by Earth's gravity and enter our atmosphere. As this happens, our atmosphere burns them up. This burning effect is what we see as shooting stars. Occasionally a meteor lands on Earth if it is too big for our atmosphere to burn up entirely and then it is called a meteorite.


For more complete information on locating the stars, and fun facts about the planets please read my column Sky Watch  in The Mountain Astrologer magazine



July 1st New Moon - New Saros Series - New Era or World View?


The New Moon occurs on July 1, 2011 at 4:54 AM.  Two times a year we get solar eclipses with New Moons and Lunar Eclipses with Full Moons. Of course this summer we had a Solar Eclipse with the New Moon on June 1st, a Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon on June 15th and now another solar eclipse with the July 1st New Moon.


This Solar Eclipse is special because it begins a new saros series. A new saros series is being born at the south pole of Earth. Astronomers consider the start of a saros series to be when the eclipse occurs at either the north or south pole. These eclipses then cycle around the globe in a spiral shaped fashion until they reach the opposite pole and die off. The process takes over one thousand years. We are now beginning saros series 156 at the south pole that will last until it ends at the north pole on July 14, 3237. That's right 1,226 years from now.


This New Moon Eclipse chart for Saros Series 156 contains a grand cross. This is two oppositions that square each other. It happens in the cardinal signs, the cardinal signs are the initiators of the zodiac. So this particular eclipse is initiating something. Here is my take on what is beginning:


The eclipse is opposite Pluto so we are initiating a  cycle of transformation. The squaring opposition is between Uranus and Saturn. So there is a tug of war between old paradigms and world views (Saturn) and awakening to new possibilities and world views (Uranus).  This new saros series happening as the outer planets are changing signs. The last winter eclipses occurred at the Galactic Center (the zodiacal correspondence to the center of our galaxy). So all of these things combined with and all that is happening in the world right now is begging us to awaken as a collective, to look for new and better ways to do things so we can preserve Earth's precious resources, to evolve out of old limiting beliefs into new ways of looking at the world, each other, and our place in the collective.


I took a historical look at Pluto through the signs to explore transformations to our world view. But first let me lead up to this from the 1960's until now, because we are living in one of the eras of great transformation. Those of Generation X & Y are getting their Pluto squares at a much earlier age than those of the generations before. From February 7 1979 - February 11, 1999 Pluto dipped inside Neptune's orbit and was actually closer to Earth than Neptune. [Now Pluto does this every 228 years for 20 years. It is part of its cycle. This is why our Pluto squares occur around age 40 instead of 60.] Since Neptune represents the veil of illusion, Pluto the transformer crossing in front of this veil allows us to see through the illusions.


I was born in 1968. I am part of Gen X which was when divorced parents started becoming common, we saw the beginning of video games, personal computers and remember those huge old car phones. Gen Y barely knows life without computers, cell phones, instant everything. Just think since 1960 until now how much has happened. Cable TV (which started underground) color film, microwaves.  My god I talk to my teenage kids about record albums, those big floor model picture tube TV's, when we first got cable, when we got our first microwave, how lame they think Space Invaders, Galaga, Asteroids, and Pac Man are now compared to the video games today, and they think I am older than dirt!  Surely in their world view, these things have always been there unless it was ancient times. Also I must mention all the advances in quantum physics and space exploration of the dark recesses of space, theories about black holes, finding them at the center of galaxies.  There was an exponential amount explosive transformation to the very way of life happening during our generations like no others before us (except for when Pluto was here before - and I'll go there in a minute). Now that we have nearly depleted earth's resources with our raping and pillaging of her with our greed, it will be time to slow down, take stock, rebuild & preserve.  And that is what Pluto in Capricorn is supposed to be about.  


Due to Pluto dipping inside Neptune's orbit, and being at perihelion (closest to the sun) Pluto moves fastest through the signs of Virgo through Sagittarius.  Pluto was in these signs from 1957 - 2008. Historically, it is during these signs that our world view has shifted. Going back in time from 1720 - 1772 Pluto was in Virgo through Sagittarius.  This is the edge of the Renaissance and Neoclassicism era. 1473 - 1524 was the time prior to the Renaissance that Pluto was in Virgo through Sagittarius and this is the time of the edge of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance - the fall of Rome, the Spanish inquisition, the Tudors, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Nostradamus, Copernicus, Christopher Columbus.  1226-1276 was the time before that and this encompasses much of the Crusades.


There is a definite revolutionary trend of dying to the old ways and rebirthing anew - a transformation of the way of life and the world view & view of the universe as we know it (or knew it prior to be). So we are the Da Vinci's and Copernicus's of modern times who stand at the brink of two eras that will span our life time and watch as our kids & grandkids morph this transition into the next early Renaissance for this upcoming era of history, knowing that somehow we lead the way and inspired them to ring in the new era.


 Just like the ancients before us who bore witness to the dawn of a new age as they too stood at this precipice between the old view and the new, we are at the edge of the industrial/technological revolution era and the beginning of whatever comes out of this. We too stand at the brink of two eras to bear witness to a new world view. If we think or believe we incarnated into this world at this time for a reason, what are we going to do about it? Are we going to hide behind the veil of illusion of a false reality or step out in front to be the transformers, the agents of change as the world view shifts?




My gift to you this month is an hour consultation for a discounted rate $75. Let's  awaken to new possibilities to become the change we seek in the world!


Happy Summer Everyone!


Julene Packer-Louis, Dipl.OCA, ISAR-CAP
Your Certified Professional Astrologer for Life



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