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Calendar of Astrological Events
Did you know that IAD, International Astrology Day is March 20th when the Sun enters Aries? 
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March 19, 2011 the IAA (International Academy of Astrology) is hosting two workshops with instructors Gary Caton & Chris Turner. From 12:00 - 4:00 PM EDT is Gary's workshop "Cycles of Mercury: Transformation & the Trickster".  From 6:00 - 10:00 PM EDT is Chris's workshop "The Practice of Interpretation."  I will be hosting these workshops and hope to see you there!  Register here

March 20, 2011 at 5:00 PM EDT bring a dish and take part in the spring equinox celebration at the Crystal Era Emporium. 608 Middle Ave., Elyria, OH

March 28, 2011 at 7:00 pm LCAA the Lake County Astrological Association meets the 4th Monday of every month. 35400 Chardon Rd., Willoughby Hills Library, downstairs
April 2, 2011 12:00 - 5:00 PM EDT at Crystal Era is the metaphysical fair. Astrology & Tarot Readings $20 for 20 minutes. Polarity Treatments and Aura Photos are also available.

April 4, 2011 7:00 PM EDT. The Akron Astrological Society meets the 1st Monday of the month at the Preservation House, 2074 W. Market Street, Akron, OH

April 9, 2011 from 1:00 - 3:00 at Crystal Era Introduction to Vedic Astrology with Julene Packer-Louis.

In May & June, I will be giving 5 lectures in Ohio, Maryland & North Carolina on the Vertex, Chiron & Solar Returns.  View My lecture Schedule for details.

 The Midwest Astrology Conference
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June 2 - 5, 2011 at the Crown Plaza in Independence, OH

 Don't Miss this Event put on anually by Sandra Leigh-Serio & Louise McCombs. 


The Pre-conference workshop is being given by world renown astrologer Rob Hand.  Local Cleveland area astrologers presenting lectures are Pat Geisler, Richard Smoot, Joan Kendig & Julene Packer-Louis. Also many fablous astrologers from the US and Canada will be coming to share their knowledge. Check out the stellar line up of speakers at MAC this year. Register before April 1st and save! 
Planet Watch 

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      Jupiter and Mercury can be found above the western horizon at sunset in the constellation Pisces.  Jupiter is brighter and below Mercury. Jupiter will set around 8:30 pm followed by Mercury around 9:00. Jupiter will disappear into the glow of twilight after March 24th, and Mercury after April 2nd.  


Saturn is visible in the constellation Virgo from dusk until dawn during the month of Aries. On March 20th, Saturn rises in the east just before 9:00 pm. Each night he will rise early and be visible a bit higher above the eastern horizon as night falls.


Venus rises is the ESE just after 6:00 am on March 20th. On April 20th Venus rises nearly due east just after 5:30 am. It is worth it to get up early and note Venus's position in the constellations. This month you can watch her travel through Capricorn and Aquarius.


Mars & Mercury return to the morning sky on April 17th & April 18th respectively as they rise in the east just before the sun.  


For more complete information see my column in The Mountain Astrologer.

Astrology Classes at IAA:  International Academy of Astrology 

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Next Semester at IAA begins the week of May 23, 2011

Online audio-visuaalc lasses for all levels of knowledge that meet in real time. Many new classes featuring some of the top astrologers whose names you will recognize.
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Dear Friends, 


I've been writing this newsletter for a year now and want to thank you for sticking with me.  Since I've already gone around the zodiac with the sun signs, I will be doing something new this year. While the newsletter will still come out on the tropical ingresses of each zodiac sign, my focus will be on the New Moon chart that follows. I will be brining you insight into the Nakshatras of Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, with each New Moon.  


I hope you enjoy this new feature. I welcome your comments. 


Happy Spring!



Aries New Moon: April 3, 2011

     The New Moon occurs on April 3, 2011 at 10:33 AM EDT.  The New Moon is at 13 degrees and 30  minutes of Aries in the tropical zodiac.  The New Moon is conjunct Jupiter and opposing Saturn. Jupiter's conjunction to the New Moon indicates this month is a time for expanding in a new direction, believing in possibilities, and having faith in the spiritual connectedness of all things. With Saturn retrograde in opposition, road blocks, limits, delays and doubt will enter the picture. Do not use these setbacks as reasons to give up or lose faith in yourself or the universe. Saturn teaches us what does not break us makes us strong. Tap into Saturn's positive qualities of firm resolve to preserver despite obstacles. Recognize the ebb and flow of expansion (Jupiter) and contraction (Saturn) as a natural process of perpetual motion. Come to see faith (Jupiter) and doubt (Saturn) as necessary counterparts to remain grounded in the pursuit of spiritual truth.  

     The New Moon conjunct Jupiter and opposing Saturn is a good month to expand upon your foundations and build something lasting for the future. It is also a good time to stop doing all the things that aren't working and find new avenues of productivity. Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Jupiter is in just the position this month to help you find a new way of things, or to branch into different but related arenas. It is time to take stock of how closely your vision of your life matches the material reality and take the necessary steps or leaps of faith to bring the two into alignment.   


     The following planets are in Aries in the New Moon chart: Mars, Uranus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter & Mercury. That is over half of the planets.  Mars in Aries is the final dispositor of the New Moon chart. So the Aries energy of impulsivity, assertion, aggression, passion, willfulness, and autonomy is exceptionally strong.  Things should be moving at a rapid fire pace and unfortunately often without regard for others or things that stand in the wake of "me first" attitudes abound and an abundance of tumultuous energy. Saturn in Libra is a great position to put the breaks on the potential to run amuck, to remind us that we need to build relations with others along the way, to consider how we are going to sustain our conquest once we obtain it, and remind us that all of our actions have karmic implications for good or ill. To the extent that your motives are selfish or lack regard of others, the more apt you are to encounter obstacles. To the extent that your motives include diplomacy and the consideration of others, the more apt you are to receive the rewards you deserve.


     The symbolism of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition in this New Moon chart becomes even stronger when we consider the Nakshatra of the New Moon (and I'll get there in just a minute, but first...). Nakshatras are the lunar mansions of Vedic Astrology. Each is 13 degrees and 20 minutes in length as that is the amount of sky the moon covers in one day. Corresponding to observations rather than the seasons, the Nakshatras are based on the fixed star constellations of the sidereal zodiac. The New Moon is in the 27th Nakshatra "Revati". Revati symbolizes the cosmic womb of pure potentiality between the cycles of death and rebirth in evolution. It heralds new beginnings, a new realization of Truth, and can indicate a fresh start for a meaningful life.  The main goal of Revati is moksha.  Ultimately moksha is the liberation from the wheel of incarnation, for the individual soul to merge back into the universal soul. For most of us, it is going to be more along the lines of liberating our self from our attachments to material things, and liberating our mind of its self-defeating programs. This is not to say we cannot enjoy our material things or that we have to disown them. It is rather to say that we should not attach our identity and sense of security or self-worth to material things because all suffering is based on our attachment to things that come and go.


     Mercury, the planet of the intellectual discriminatory mind, rules this Nakshatra to indicate the pure awareness of the mind. Mercury as ruler of Revati is the silent observer behind the chatter the mind: the observer who does not attach to thoughts, but watches them rise and fall as they change shapes like passing clouds. In fact watching clouds is a good way to begin to get in touch with this observer of your mind and train yourself in nonattachment to thought. As you watch the clouds ebb and flow in and out of mergence as they change shape, try not to attaching it to the image of a duck, horse, rabbit, or whatever. Just observe the phenomenon of the shape shifting without fixing them into any particular shape.


     Lastly, the Nakshatras have padas which mean feet. There are four of them that indicate the Moon rising, culminating, setting, and ant-culminating while transiting through a particular 13 degree and 20 minute portion of the sky each day. To tie in with the chart of the New Moon in Revati that contains a Jupiter-Saturn opposition, these padas of Revati are ruled by Jupiter and Saturn. The first and fourth padas are ruled by Jupiter. The second and third padas are ruled by Saturn.  The first pada ruled by Jupiter is about the need for spirituality and unity, to not only step into the flow of the universe, but to become it.  The second and third padas ruled by Saturn indicate our spiritual suffering we have due to our attachments to material things, where we seek redemption from suffering by ridding ourselves of material cravings. Then Jupiter comes in again to rule to the fourth pada to indicate a rebirth of new spiritual awareness after going through the Saturn process. Being that this too is inherent in this new moon. It is a good time to rid yourself of addictions. At the end of this newsletter I will provide you with a mantra to help with that. Mantras are spoken and associated with Mercury who rules this entire Nakshatra.


 The 27th Nakshatra: Revati           


Nakshatra 27: Revati

Symbol: Drum or pair of fish

Sidereal Zodical Degrees: 16:40 Pisces - 00:00 Aries

Fixed Stars: Al Pherg in Pisces

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Hindu Deity: Pushan

Guna: sattva (spiritual, pure, virtuous)

Disposition: soft

Keynote: star of safe travel


     Mythology: Revati is the wife of Krishna's older brother, Balarama. Revati represents the great womb where matter merges in its pure essence to prepare for the next cycle of creation. Revati represents the completion of one cycle and the resting period before the new beginning. The womb of Revati protects, preserves, and contains the seeds for the new beginning in the cycle of evolution. It heralds a new beginning with the primary motivation to attain moksha. Therefore it represents the individual soul merging with the universal soul. This is also inherent in the symbol of the two fish who also symbolize the realization that you never step into the same river twice. Revati is the last nakshatra at the end of the constellation Pisces before the wheel goes around again. This nakshatra is said to protect travelers from one life to the next and also shamans who go between the worlds, thereby safe travel takes on a much larger meaning.


     Mythology of Pushan- the ruling Diety: Pushan is an early solar deity, of which there eight. All of the solar deities are sons of Aditi and called Aditya. They are gods of light, bright and pure as streams of water, free from guile and falsehood; blameless, and perfect. They have 12 eyes that correspond to the 12 months and 12 spokes on the wheel of time. They are upholders of the universal laws (of karma I assume), protectors and debt extractors. They drive away darkness and nourish mankind. Pushan, meaning measuring the sky, is one of the 108 names of the Sun, Suyra, the eighth son.


     Star Lore: Al Pherg is a double star in the tail of the northern fish and gives organizational ability and a promise of success. It translates to "pouring point of water". It is associated with artistic flair, preparedness, steadiness, determination and final success.


     Indications: Revati translates to "the wealthy". Its Deity Pushan protects travelers, so this is a star of safe travel. However this is not limited to travels on earth for this is the last nakshatra in Pisces, the end of the zodiac, before it begins again in Aries. This star is also protector of safe travels from one life to the next and is the nakshatra of shamanism and protection between the worlds.  If you are born under Revati early life may hold disappointments and illness or physical weakness that lead to a compassionate, forgiving, mystical nature with faith in the goodness of humanity. Revati indicates a love of connection to humanity, lover of animals, and a sweet caring friend without a mean bone in your body.


My gift to you this month is a mantra to help you give up an addiction or to turn over any behavioral quality you wish to see dissipate.


Simply insert the name of what you want to give up into the blank.  This mantra works best in a 40 day practice where you repeat the mantra 108 times. A mala or set of prayer beads have 108 beads so you don't have to count. If you don't have a mala, you can purchase one at Crystal Era. Here is the mantra:


Shante, Prashante. Sarva _____ Upasha Mani Swaha


This means "Invoking supreme peace I offer (surrender) the quality of ____ to its source in the higher and formless universal mind. Salutations."  [Ashley-Ferrand, Thomas: Healing Mantras p 141]


Julene Packer-Louis, Dipl.OCA, ISAR-CAP
Your Certified Professional Astrologer for Life




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