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Pisces Feb 18 - Mar 20
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Metaphysical & Psychic Fair on February 26th at Crystal Era in Elyria from 12:00 - 5:00. Astrology & Tarot $20 for 20 minutes. Drum circle to follow. 608 Middle Avenue.


LCAA Meeting:

Lake County Astrological Association February 28th at 7:00 pm at the Willoughby Hills library.  


Equinox Celebration and Pot Luck at Crystal Era in Elyria on March 20th at 5:00 pm. Crystal Era. 608 Middle Avenue.





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Times Below are 

EST prior to Mar 13th,

EDT on/after Mar 13th


Full Moon in Leo Feb 18th at 3:36 am


Sun enters Pisces Feb 18th at 7:25 pm


Mercury, Mars, Neptune conjoin on Feb 20th


Mercury enters Pisces on Feb 21st at 3:53 pm


Mars enters Pisces on Feb 22nd at 8:06 pm


Mercury conjuncts Sun Feb 25th at 3:48 am


Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius Feb 24th at 6:26 pm


Venus enters Aquarius March 1st at 9:39 pm


New Moon in Pisces on March 4th at 3:46 pm


Mercury conjunct Uranus March 9th at 11:05 am


Mercury enters Aries March 9th at 12:47 pm


Uranus enters Aries March 11th at 7:52 pm


First Quarter Moon in Gemini on March 12th 6:45 pm


Daylight Savings Time on March 13th at 2:00 am


Mercury conjunct Jupiter on March 15th at 9:27 pm


Mercury opposes Saturn on March 18th at 9:55 am


Full Moon in Virgo on March 19th at 2:10 pm

Sun enters Aries on Marc 20th at 7:21 pm

Astrology Classes at IAA:  International Academy of Astrology 

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Next Semester at IAA begins the week of March 14, 2011

Online audio-visuaalc lasses for all levels of knowledge that meet in real time. Many new classes featuring some of the top astrologers whose names you will recognize.
Per usual, I am teaching DPL01: Forecasting - Pinpointing Major Themes  
and  also
I am also continuing my studies with Juliana Swanson in Vedic Astrology at IAA 
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Dear Friends, 


     If you or those you know have seemed extra irritated lately; don't worry it will pass. Mars conjoined the Sun on February 4th in the sign of Aquarius where opinions are hard to compromise. This aspect holds for a nearly a month before and after. So it is likely you felt things brewing that recently came to a head. The Sun enters Pisces today and Mars enters Pisces on Wednesday. As both planets move into a mutable sign any grudges that are being held on to should begin to dissipate.  There is the chance that compassion for the other will overcome the feud, or that one of you will just want to pretend that nothing happened. Just because the planets move into Pisces doesn't mean the irritability will end overnight, but it does provide a shift to the energy toward a more spiritual understanding of the issue.

     We have seen this Sun-Mars fighting energy all over the news, and if we think about it we can probably see it in our own life or in the lives of those around us. Since the Sun-Mars conjunction happened in Aquarius, it is most likely to be felt most those who have their Sun or Mars in Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio.  

     Another reason we are seeing this conjunction so globally is because it occurred at 15 degrees of a fixed sign and that is a powerful point of the zodiac. When we divide the 360 circle by 4 we get 90 degrees. These 90 degree markers begin the seasons and the ingress into cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. If we divide by 8 we get 45 degrees. 45 degrees from 0 cardinal is 15 degrees of the fixed signs; so 15 fixed activates the cardinal cross. This current Sun-Mars conjunction is also activating any planets near 0 degrees of cardinal. Uranus is near 0 cardinal since it is about to enter Aries. Uranus is a planet of revolutionary change, upheaval, sudden unexpected events and reform. To heighten the energy Uranus is one of the rulers of Aquarius, the sign the conjunction occurred in.

     Let's use this month of Pisces to raise our spiritual consciousness and remember that we are all One; each of us a unique expression of multi-faceted divinity. It is a great month to meditate and reconnect with the silent observer behind your mind that has been attached its own chatter for a month, engaging in several instant replays over and over. Learn with the mutability of Pisces to let go and step in to the flow. For it is in the gaps between thoughts that we find our god consciousness and put the law of attraction and abundance to work.


Have a great month everyone.




Pisces   February 18 - March 20, 2011

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Happy Birthday to Pisces!  

     The Sun enters the tropical sign of Pisces on February 18, 2011 at 7:25 PM EST. Pisces is a mutable water sign. The mutable signs are always the last sign of the season, they remind us of the change as we observe the cycles of nature.

     Last month was Aquarius a fixed sign and several people I know, myself included were commenting on how it felt like winter was never going to end. How we were sick of the cold and the snow and couldn't wait for spring. Fixed signs are when the season is in full swing and feels like we are stuck in it without an end in sight.

     Today, as the sun enters Pisces, I woke up to a 50 degree morning and much of the snow in my yard melted. Winter is beginning to give way to spring and for this upcoming month, we will experience cold days and warm days. We will witness the balance of winter and spring in the ratio of white snow to green grass and the temperature difference between the warm days and cold nights. The further you are from the equator, the more pronounced this difference is. We will witness the green stems of daffodils and crocuses shoot out of the ground so they can bloom in the spring.

     Pisces is also a water sign, and it is mutable water. Snow if a form or precipitation or water, and as the snow melts it becomes water. Additionally we are witnessing the changing forms of water this month. Water signs are associated with the emotions. We will also feel our spirits lift as the weather warms. We become ready to replace that fixed air in our homes and let a fresh breeze in.

     Pisces is ruled by Jupiter a planet of expansion, abundance, and exploring new horizons. Jupiter will "teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime." We will witness the Jupiter rulership of Pisces this month both in nature as her bounty begins to return to view and personally as the urge to get outdoors again swells from within.  Neptune also rules Pisces. Neptune is a planet of atonement, transcendence, compassion, redemption and spirituality. Neptune seeks to rid us of the illusions of maya or manifest reality and look to the spiritual currents that permeate everything, connecting everyone one and everything to the Divine. Pisces's symbol of two fish connected and swimming in opposite directions reminds us that we never step into the same river twice, that we step into the flow. And if we can surrender to it, we become the flow. That is what Pisces the mutable water sign teaches us.


 Planet Watch             


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This month, Venus is a morning planet while Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury are evening planets. Mars is travelling too close to the sun to be observed.


Venus rises slightly before 5:00 am on February 18th in the constellation Sagittarius. She is continuing her descent after her greatest western elongation last month, and will appear lower in the sky or closer to the the eastern horizon each morning at dawn.  At the end of February Venus enters the constellation Capricornus. On March 20th Venus rises shortly before 6:00 am.


Jupiter, in the constellation Pisces, will become visible above the western horizon as the sun sets. On February 18th Jupiter sets around 9:00 pm. On March 20th Jupiter sets shortly after 8:00 pm.


Saturn rises in the constellation Virgo around 10:30 pm on February 18th. He will travel across the night sky and be above the western horizon at dawn. On March 20th Saturn rises around 8:30 p.m


Mercury conjoins the Sun on February 25th and is traveling too close to the Sun to be observed until March 7th. You can find Mercury slightly above the western horizon at sunset in the constellation of Pisces on March 7th, but he will quickly set before 8:30 pm. Mercury will appear a bit higher above the horizon each evening and set a bit later. On March 15th Jupiter can help you to spot Mercury as the pair will be conjunct in the west at sunset. On March 20th Mercury sets around 8:45 pm, still in the constellation Pisces.


For more detailed information see my column Sky Watch in The Mountain Astrologer. 


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